An Irish Christmas (a Niall Horan Christmas fanfic)

Niall take his girlfriend Josie and their toddler daughter Brittney to Mullingar to visit his dad for Christmas. When they get there, Mr. Horan tells Niall he'd invited his ex, Amy, because he'd thought Niall was still single. A feud heats up between Josie and Amy. What happens when Josie finds Niall and Amy kissing underneath the mistletoe?


1. Chapter 1

“Josie?  Wake up, love,” I heard Niall say in his cute Irish accent.  It was the morning we were to leave for Ireland to meet his family.


I popped my eyes open and smiled at Niall.  “What time is it?” I asked.


“Six thirty.  We need to get ready now.”


I groaned.  “Niall, you know I’m not a morning person.”


“Yes, you are!  Now, get up!”


“No.”  I rolled over and put my pillow over my head, but Niall wasn’t having it.  He grabbed the pillow off my head and dragged me out of bed.  Then, he kissed me.  If there was one thing that would wake me up in the morning, it was a kiss from Niall.  “Okay, I’m awake.”


“Good.  Now, go wake up Brittney.  I’ll fix breakfast.”


Brittney was our almost-two-year-old daughter.  Niall and I had met in high school when he moved in as an Irish exchange student.  We’d hit it off right away, and we ended up having sex soon afterwards.  I’d had her that Christmas, so Christmas is also her birthday.


I went into Brittney’s room, and sure enough, she was standing up against the crib rail.  “Hey, Britt,” I said softly, picking her up.  “We’re going to Ireland today!  Are you excited?”


“Yeah!” Brittney squealed in response.


“Of course you are!  You’re gonna meet Grandpa Horan for the first time ever!”


I bounced her and took her downstairs to join Niall.  He was busy fixing oatmeal and coffee for me and him, and a bowl of Cheerios for Brittney.


Niall turned around and smiled when he saw Brittney.  “Hello, love,” he said, taking her in his arms.


“Dada,” Brittney said, grabbing Niall’s nose.


Niall chuckled, gently pushed her hand away, and put her in her high chair.


After breakfast, Niall and I packed our bags and headed for the airport with Brittney.  Before we knew it, we were on the plane to Mullingar.






“Wake up, Josie.  We’re here,” I heard Niall say.


I stretched and yawned.  It was dark out, and snow was falling on the ground.


“Hey, Brittney!  Wake up!” I said to our sleeping daughter.


Brittney opened her little blue eyes and pressed her hands and face against the window.  “Ooh, snow!” she said.


“Yeah, it’s snowing!  Come on, let’s go see Grandpa!”


Niall, Brittney, and I got off the plane, and once we got our bags from baggage claim, Niall hailed us a cab.  He had to do it three times before we finally got one with a car seat, but we were finally on our way to Niall’s dad’s house.


When we got to the house, Niall rang the doorbell.  An older version of Niall answered the door.


“Niall!  Come on in, lad!  And who’s this?” he greeted.


“This is my girlfriend Josie and our daughter Brittney,” Niall said.


“Oh, this is awkward.  I thought you were still single, so I invited Amy over.”


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