Christmas Hope

A poem about someone who can't celebrate Christmas like we do because of being in a developing country with hardly any money. This is them pleading for help from those more fortunate than them. Enjoy :)


1. 1

Sitting amongst my family,
Their voices running wild,
I pretend that I am listening,
I pretend with endless smiles.

As they pass around our meal,
And sing amongst themselves,
Voices rising, sins soon dying,
Nothing left on the shelves.

But I'm thinking about what could be,
What Christmas could be like,
With tall, pine trees and choirs singing,
But I guess this is alright.

Though I'd prefer to be like others,
On a normal Christmas Day,
With a tree awaiting my presents,
Not nothing, to my dismay.

For we don't have money for gifts,
Or a big whole turkey for tea,
And our singing and dancing and eating,
Is just to cover up, you see.

So it seems like we're making the most of it,
Having the best Christmas we can,
But we all know we long for a difference,
A difference is part of the plan.

So why not join us on this one?
Save us from eating alone,
Give us the home we wish to belong to,
All it takes is a call from a phone.

We may be so far away from you,
And perhaps you don't care at all,
But we'd love to celebrate Christmas,
Whether it's big or small.

Imagine what it's like to be us,
Just for a second of your life,
Without all your cash to spend,
On gifts so high up in price.

Without you snuggled up in warm houses,
Without all the endless food,
No perfect carols blaring from speakers,
No jolly Christmas mood.

And you'll suddenly realise what it's like,
To live in a country like this,
Perhaps you'll change your mind,
Perhaps you won't give this a miss.

And next minute you'll be phoning,
Donating money so far,
And we're grateful, we're happy, we love you,
You're now our family, you are.

So pick up the phone and help us,
It's all we could ever need,
To have a merry, little, Christmas,
With your help: our future starts here.


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