It's a Love-Hate Kinda Thing

Sophie and Harry constantly fight and make a mockery of each other. How far will they go? "It's just a love-hate kinda thing..."


2. Tomato Cheeks


Sophie’s POV

I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and groaned, today was going to be a long day as I’ve always hated Mondays. I opened my eyes to be met with an unfamiliar environment, I froze and panicked for a moment and realized where I was. I moved into this lush, fancy apartment that I don’t have to pay for, only yesterday so is did not have a homely vibe about it. This place was huge and was fit for a queen, it got the complete opposite, it got me, a 20 year old girl with no job, no friends and no life pretty much. I slowly lifted my feet out of bed to only be met with the freezing cold floor, it took much persuasion to get the rest of my body out of my warm and toasty bed.

I had as much life as a ghost this morning, I just couldn’t be bothered getting dressed or looking half way presentable as I left my apartment and took a lift to the lobby. It took a while to get out of the lift as I was on the second to top floor of the building, apparently some rich boy band singer owns the penthouse I’ve never seen him though. I took my key out of my pocket and inserted it in matching key hole to my mailbox in the wall amongst some other people’s boxes.

“Hi, how are you?” A husky deep voice questioned me from behind.

“Umm, I’m good thanks. You?” I asked a bit sheepish as I turned around to be met with a pair of glistering green eyes, and a head full of curly locks.

“I’m better since I saw you.” He said a bit flirty showing off his perfect grin. I couldn’t help but blush at his remark, so I turned back around and started going through my mail. He chuckled at how red I was in my cheeks “Harry” he said while extending his hand towards me.

 “Sophie” I replied letting him take my hand in his. He gently shook it, his hand was warm and firm but still soft and boy did he have long fingers!

“Nice to meet you Sophie, umm, there’s this party tomorrow night and would you maybe want to come with me?” he asked with a genuine smile “I understand if you don’t as we just m-”

“Sure!” I cut him off. “Sounds like fun!”

“Cool, you can come up to my place at 8:00pm tomorrow and I’ll drive us there. My apartment is the very top, I’ll see you tomorrow.” He told me, then something really unexpected happened, he kissed my cheek then left. I was as red as a sunburned tomato.

I went back to my apartment and I realised Harry was the singer from the penthouse! Why would he talk to me, a worthless and messed up girl? Let alone ask me to go with him to a party?! I looked at the time on the giant, oversized clock that hung on the wall and it was only 8:00 and I was exhausted so I made my way back to the closest thing to heaven. My bed. Before I knew it I was in a deep slumber.

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