It's a Love-Hate Kinda Thing

Sophie and Harry constantly fight and make a mockery of each other. How far will they go? "It's just a love-hate kinda thing..."


8. I Just Like Your Bum

Sophie’s POV

We pulled up in the crowded drive way to be greeted by this enormous white mansion with Giant white marble pillars holding up the huge structure. In the middle of the driveway there was a waterfall feature that was big enough to swim in it. From the front of the house I could tell there were at least 20 bedrooms, who knows how many other rooms this castle holds. I couldn’t help my jaw from dropping and my eyes looking like I’ve just seen a ghost. Liam started chuckling at my facial expression “Love, you might want to close your mouth if you want to make a good first impression on people.” Liam said jokingly as he began poking at my sides making me squirm, I was trying to get away from him as he knows that’s my only ticklish spot.

“This place is massive, whoever owns this house must be really important!” I said still gobsmacked.

“Well, he is the reason that I have a job and a promising career and I owe everything to him.” Liam explained while taking my hand and leading me through the front door. As soon as we got inside Liam placed his hand on my lower back guiding me through the crowded space that smelt of sweaty bodies and alcohol. We walked into the kitchen struggling to get through, Liam’s hand was still placed firmly on my back and I’m not going to lie, I loved it, I loved it a lot, it made me feel a sense of security, like nothing could ever hurt me.

“Do you want a drink, Soph?” Liam asked shouting over the loud music.

“Sure, but no alcohol beverages for me tonight, I don’t want to make a fool out of myself.” I answered and he nodded understandably. I can’t handle alcohol that well, I get drunk really easy and, well, it doesn’t look good. Liam left to get us drinks and I was standing there awkwardly with no one to talk to. I felt a tap on my shoulder causing me to turn around and I was greeted by the warmest and most cheerful smile I’ve ever seen in a long time. She was wearing a mint dressy singlet and black scallop lace shorts paired with Black Classic Ankle strap Sandals, black rose ring and necklace. She looked so put together with her outfit, she looked really pretty.

“Hi, I really like your dress.” She said trying to make conversation, she probably felt sorry for me.

“Uh, thanks…” I replied kind of unsure as to what I should say.

“I’m Perrie.” She said.

“I’m Sophie” I said getting a bit shy. I’m always shy when I first meet new people, I can’t help it and most of the time I just embarrass myself.

“So, who are you here with?” She said getting rather interested in what I was going to say next.

“Liam Payne, do you know him?” I asked.

“Of course! Liam’s one of my fiancée’s best mates. What’s going on between you guys? Are you like a thing?” She was nudging my arm whilst wiggling her eyebrows and pretending to kiss someone. This made me laugh so hard I bent over holding my stomach that now hurts from all the giggling. I jumped when I felt a pinch at my butt, I turned around and saw Liam grinning like a little boy.

“Liam!” I squealed and slapped his arm.

“What? I just like your bum, it’s cute!” He shrugged.

“I’ll leave you guys to it.” Perrie said winking at me. I gave her my best evil glare but failed because I’m hopeless at keeping a straight face and we both bust out laughing. Perrie waved as she left me and Liam alone.

“So what were you girls talking about?” Liam asked handing me a drink that looks to be Coke.

“None of your beeswax” I said purposely trying to get him annoyed.

“Tell meee!” He whined

“Not a chance.” I said taking a sip out of my cup.

“Hey mate, Simon wants to see you for a second” someone told Liam. After he was gone the stranger looked down at me. No way! It was him, it was Harry. Oh no, I feel so bad for not coming with him, I hope he doesn’t hate me for choosing Liam over him. Once He realised it was me, his green eyes grew ten times the size of what they normally are and he looked really surprised. Then he looked like he was really angry but his facial expression changed fast into a happier look, I was so confused. What was he thinking about?

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