It's a Love-Hate Kinda Thing

Sophie and Harry constantly fight and make a mockery of each other. How far will they go? "It's just a love-hate kinda thing..."


11. Don't Be a Dick

Shh… Love, it’s okay, I’m here” I heard someone’s soothing voice wake me up while stroking my hair and holding me close to his chest. I was immediately pulled out of my dream sobbing quietly. I opened my eyes and saw Niall sitting next to me on the bed, I was intertwined with him with my head against his warm chest. I was still in my clothes from last night’s party and I could tell my hair and face was in a mess. I got up from the bed and headed to the bathroom to wash off my panda looking eyes from crying last night. When I got up I cried in pain, my ankle was purple and swollen like a balloon, I kept on limping to the bathroom.


“You shouldn’t be walking on your sore foot.” Niall told me but I ignored his comment.


“What are you doing here and how did you find me?” I asked looking at the mirror. I couldn’t believe what I saw, a beastwith an untamed crow’s nest on her head. My makeup was all smeared all over my face with black streaming down from my eyes. I was a mess.


“Well last night I saw you from the balcony running away and I figured you needed some space then I looked up your number in Liam’s phone and got Paul, our security guy to track your phone.” He said shrugging. “We need to get your ankle checked out by a doctor, I can take you if you want.” Niall said with a smile.


“Yeah, it’s hurting like hell!” I groaned.


“Let’s go back to your place so you can freshen up and get changed” Niall said putting one hand on my back and the other under my knees, picking me up bridal style. “You have to stay off your foot”


I couldn’t help but giggle as he carried me to his car. This is actually really fun! When we got to his car, Niall placed me in the passenger seat. Niall went around the car to the other side and got inside himself, buckling his seatbelt.


“I have to go back inside and pay!” I said panicking that I nearly forgot to pay for my stay.


“Already taken care of!” Niall said smiling at me. He’s so nice, why doesn’t he have a girlfriend? Any girl would be lucky to have him.


“Aww thanks Niall. You’re being so kind to me and I really appreciate it, honestly. You’re one of the best friends I’ve ever had.” I said with a genuine smile.


“Thanks, Soph.” and with that we were on our way to my apartment. “Um Sophie, I don’t know where you live.” He said just holding the steering wheel.


“Oh, my apartment is on Machalister Road, I think you turn right at the next signal.” I said pointing in the direction that my apartment was.


“Yeah, I know where it is now.” He said as we drove for about 5 minutes then we were at our destination. Niall got out of the car and ran around to my side and helped me out and closed the door behind me, he then started to carry me all the way up to my apartment.


“Oh, Harry lives here!” He said a bit excited.


“Don’t remind me!” I groaned thinking about what happened last night.


We were waiting for the Lift to get down so we could use it. DING! The lift opened its doors to reveal a girl that looked trashy and I could just tell she was a slut. That girl was with Harry. They walked out and Harry put his hand on her butt now going in for a full on snog.


“Call me, baby!” the girl called out to harry while blowing him a kiss. I breathed in to contain my urges to punch Harry’s face in. Niall carried me into the lift and the doors started to close on us, leaving that thing, Harry, outside but the doors didn’t close in time and he jump inside. He had a carefree facial expression, like nothing has happened. Niall could sense the tension in the tight space and gave me a sympathetic look.


“Hey Niall! And…. What’s your name gorgeous?” he was acting completely clueless, he knows who the heck I am!


“Jessica!” I yelled at him sarcastically.


“Nice to meet you Jessica” he exaggerated his happiness. “So are you with Niall now? A little birdy told me you were with Liam? What? did you get bored of him? Hmmm?” he said throwing questions at me. If Niall wasn’t holding me, I would have gone and screwed up his face then and there.


“Harry don’t be a dick, mate!” Niall said seriously


“Calm down mate, I’m just having a laugh with your new girlfriend” Harry said getting all defensively.


“She’s not my girlfriend and she’s getting through lots of shit right now, so just back off, okay” Niall said getting a bit angry at Harry.


“Alright, alright” Harry said putting his hands up in defeat. It was dead silent for a few seconds. DING!


We parted our ways and I didn’t notice that I’ve gathered a few tears in my eyes until now. We headed inside and Niall put me down on my sofa and sat next to me.


“I’ve never seen him act like this, ever.” Niall said surprised at Harry’s actions.


“I have.” I let the tears fall down now, I didn’t care.


“Aww babe, come here” Niall opened his arms for me to hug him, and I did, who can resist his hugs?

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