It's a Love-Hate Kinda Thing

Sophie and Harry constantly fight and make a mockery of each other. How far will they go? "It's just a love-hate kinda thing..."


4. Are you Alright?

Sophie’s POV


I woke up from another eventful dream that haunts me nearly every time I close my eyes. I opened up my laptop and read through my final draft of my resume and sent it to a few different companies in hope to get a job soon. I went into the bathroom dodging all he cardboard boxes everywhere and did my usual makeup, eyeliner, mascara and lip stick. I then attacked the tangles in my long blonde hair and put it in a high bun. I got dressed in leggings and my brother’s sweater. I hardly ever see Joseph and when I miss him I like to wear something that has his smell. I then put on some ankle boots and a scarf to hide the butterfly shaped birthmark on my neck, I’ve never grown to like it.


I walked into the kitchen and opened my fridge to find left over pizza and nothing else, well I guess I have to grocery shopping today.


I walked into the grocery store looking around for the trolleys not that I needed it, I just like running around the store with them and gliding across the hard polished floor. I was having the time of my life!

CRASSSSHHHHH!!! I just bit someone! Shit! I looked in front of the trolley and there was a guy on the floor rubbing his head, he must have hit it when he fell over.

"I'm so incredibly sorry! Are you alright?" I asked concerned while I was crouching next to him rubbing his shoulder. This guy is really attractive, those eyes are to die for. His eyes look like hot caramel fudge you put on ice cream. Oh god, stop comparing him to food!

"I'm fine, love, really. I just had a little hit on the head that's all" he reassured me with his award winning smile.

“Ok. I'm really sorry though, I just get carried away sometimes and don't know when to stop. I’m like a full grown little kid." He laughed at my statement. It was like music to my ears and I got butterflies in my stomach. I started to turn a bit pink so I looked at the ground to hide my embarrassment. He grabbed my chin between his thumb and finger and turned my face towards him forcing me to look at him.

"You’re a stunning girl, don't hide your face, love" he told me. Oh god, I'm going to faint, he's so perfect! "I'm sorry, my names Liam, Liam Payne" He said shaking my hand lightly. I could feel a sensation that I’ve never experienced, it was almost like an electric shock of some sort that left my skin tingling at his touch.

“Sophie, Sophie Deyes” I said giggling a little, mimicking his previous words. “Need some help, Liam?” I said taking his hand and helping him of the ground with all my might. But then my shoe lost grip and slipped and fell down next to him. We could not stop laughing while we were getting weird stares from customers. Liam then helped me off the ground with his strong, muscular arms.

“Looks like you need more help than I do!” He said jokingly poking at my sides making my jump and squirm. I was laughing uncontrollably, I couldn’t breathe and when I did I let out a loud snort that made Liam chuckle. It took us a good couple minutes to settle down and regain our breath.

“Hey, um, can I maybe have your number?” he asked kind of shyly.

“Of course you can!” I said excited as I put my arm around his neck acting playful.

We exchanged numbers then Liam had to go so we said our goodbyes.

“See ya, hope to hear from you!” I called out to him when he was walking away.

“You sure will!” He replied with a wink and a huge grin that was plastered on his face.

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