It's a Love-Hate Kinda Thing

Sophie and Harry constantly fight and make a mockery of each other. How far will they go? "It's just a love-hate kinda thing..."


1. Angel

“Yes! A thousand times yes!” I told him with a sincere smile.

“My love, let’s run away! Anywhere you want, as long as you love me, my life is complete.” He told me while leaning in. I can feel is warm breath on my face, my part was to fill the gap between us so I leaned in, standing on the tips of my toes for extra height and closed the gap between him and I. We shared the most passionate, most romantic kiss I’ve ever tasted, it felt so right.

I could sense someone’s eyes burning holes through me from behind. I broke the kiss and turned around. It was and him. How did he find me here? All of the sudden I felt this pain coming from my upper right thigh, it was a stinging excruciating sensation as if there were thousands of pins scrapping my delicate skin off.

“Hello, angel.” His husky voice made my stomach flip, I felt nauseous. He wore an evil smirk that bruised every inch of me. He slowly crept closer and closer towards my shaking, fragile body, examining it up and down. He chuckled when he met my innocent eyes. I ran as fast as my little legs can carry me but I could not move, I was still as a statue. My heart was beating dangerously, like a ticking time bomb, ready to explode at any time. “Where you going, angel?” when he called me ‘angel’ it felt as if I was shot in the heart. “Don’t leave so soon, angel. You know what happens when I get upset at you.” He took out a knife that looked too familiar, like a long lost friend, but this was no friendly encounter. He came closer to me, too close. He was breathing heavily against my cold and lifeless body, holding the knife in his hand tracing lines up and down my neck. “Angel, come home with me. I miss you.” His voice was shaking in anger. I found a bit of confidence in the pit of my stomach that I’ve never encountered before.

 “No.” I said with my voice cracking and my lips trembling with fear.

“Wrong answer, angel.” He gave me his signature smirk while lifting his hand with the sharp object. I closed my eyes so tight it hurt, trying to make him go away. Tears were streaming out of my eyes, my breath shortened, it felt as if I was surrounded my four walls closing in on me, fast. I dared to look out of my eyes and I saw the knife coming down and meeting my skin. It was blunt, he slowly dragged the rugged object along my skin. I yelped with pain, I couldn’t hear my own voice, no one could.

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