Heartache on the Big Screen

As Jessie's career shot up, so did the boys career. All the new fame was too much to handle and they had to break the connection...

Years later, Jessie has become this sweet innocent big time moviestar and the boys playing sold-out arenas, while Luke still having his bad boy reputation.

But after all those years, the boys (mostly Luke) expand their talent into the acting world. Now Luke and Jessie find themselves in almost the same position as before. But this time, on the big screen.

Will Luke and Jessie make it through without breaking down on camera, or will they end up giving up because of the Heartache?


2. Twitter Fight

It has been a year since I said goodbye to "5sauce" as they call it now. We, or atleast I, have kept only half of the promises we made. We never even contacted each other once besides a few text before their career completely bloomed and causing them to buy new phones and forgetting to give me the new number. 

At least I think that's what I've been told what happened.

But I still remember them. 

The boys have released a new album to which every teenage girl fangirls over. I have been in a bit of movies and the biggest being the one that I starred in last month, "Where Do Broken Hearts Go?". It made me an overnight sensation and my career is finally blasting off as well.

I made a new BFF, Kadeline, the person I co-starred with on "Singing Through Dust". She's the total opposite of me, tall, funny, anti-social, and sassy. 

Also, during the shooting of "Where Do Broken Hearts Go?", my love interest in the movie, Markus, started dating me. I could never forget Luke but, I had to move on at one point. 




I was sitting in my house looking at my phone, scrolling on instagram till I got a notification from Twitter, coming from @Luke5SOS. 

My heart started beating hard because the boys never even mentioned me in a tweet before and knowing that me and Markus dating was spreading around, I was scared because maybe this was why he randomly tagged me. I finally got over the fear and clicked on the notification, directing me to this tweet:

"@JessieMyles Some promises can be so easily broken"

I knew that this was gonna cause so much controversy between me and the boys for the media. They will grab any gossip and turn it into something worst. They already knew, by the boys mentioning it, that we knew each other before we were famous.

But I couldn't believe Luke would even accuse me of breaking a promise that's not even broken by me dating someone else! He knew that this would cause bad publicity for the both of us! I can't believe he can be this stupid! 

He already fired the flames, so what's the point of stopping it. 

"Funny how people will accuse you of stuff you never did. It's like, get off my back, I didn't even do shit. #Rude #ThinkNextTime" I tweeted with a smirk. I don't care if this was just making it worse, he started it anyway.

My phone buzzed again with another tweet from Luke.

"@MarkusDaunt Think about who your getting involved with here. #ShesABitch"

OMFG I CAN'T BELIEVE HE JUST SAID THAT. I AM SO DONE. I'll just tweet one more thing just to get the last word.

"@Luke5SOS I don't care what you call me. Hope I never see you again." 

I had to do what I had to do. This broke my heart into a million pieces. But than again, he started it.

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