Heartache on the Big Screen

As Jessie's career shot up, so did the boys career. All the new fame was too much to handle and they had to break the connection...

Years later, Jessie has become this sweet innocent big time moviestar and the boys playing sold-out arenas, while Luke still having his bad boy reputation.

But after all those years, the boys (mostly Luke) expand their talent into the acting world. Now Luke and Jessie find themselves in almost the same position as before. But this time, on the big screen.

Will Luke and Jessie make it through without breaking down on camera, or will they end up giving up because of the Heartache?





BTW "Where Do Broken Hearts Go?" in the story is a movie, not the song by 1D. 

I just found out about that song, it's a good song and all but this song never existed in this story and is a movie. 

I actually thought of having this story called "Where Do Broken Hearts Go?" But I didnt know it was a song by 1D and I don't want people thinking this was about 1D. 

I think it's pretty funny because I did go look at the album "FOUR" before I made this and I thought " Where Do Broken Hearts Go?" was an original name. Lol GUESS NOT. I'm so stupid. 



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