Miss Jackson

Blaire, Victoria, & Makayla are all very close friends in their 3rd year of college. They've seen it all. The good and the bad. All had a good life. Then it goes down hill. They find a dead body in a local park. First instinct? Hide it. The following weeks are fine until they get blackmailing emails, from.... Miss Jackson.

Copyright x
This is sort of a spin off of pretty little liars. This idea is mine so please don't steal it. Enjoy. xx

the only other place you'll see this story is on wattpad under the user ashbycatxx


2. chapter 2

Blaire's p.o.v.

"Who in the world is knocking on the door at 8 pm?"

" The hell if I know?" replied Victoria.


"OPEN THE DOOR I HAVE FOOD!" yelled Makayla. Aka my other bestfriend.

"FOOD FOOD IM COMING" I yelled as I shoved everything out of the way unlocking the door and letting her in. " I brought Panda Express. everything y'all like is in here, so let's eat!" she said.


" Ok so what are we going to do while we eat?" i asked. "Um, we could listen to music?"



" Good lord, just hit shuffle on my playlist" I say while plugging my phone up.

The first song to play is Dear Maria, Count me in.

" I FUDGING LOVE THIS SONG" yells Makayla over the extremely loud music. " Babe we all do" I replied back while singing along.

" IVE GOT YOUR PICTURE I'M COMING WITH YOU." Tori sings while dancing around my living room making it an even bigger mess.


Next song is dead by My Chemical Romance. I fucking love this song.

"DID YOU GET WHAT YOU DESERVED?" I belt out the lyrics to the well known song. They are one of my favorite bands and it sucks that they're not together anymore.

"Mikey is soo fudging hot like omfg" Tori explains while dancing around. " No Gerard is like are you on drugs?" " Yes it's called dr.pepper"


" The neighboring dorms yells.

"HAHA HELL NO!" I yell as I turn the music up louder.

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