Miss Jackson

Blaire, Victoria, & Makayla are all very close friends in their 3rd year of college. They've seen it all. The good and the bad. All had a good life. Then it goes down hill. They find a dead body in a local park. First instinct? Hide it. The following weeks are fine until they get blackmailing emails, from.... Miss Jackson.

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This is sort of a spin off of pretty little liars. This idea is mine so please don't steal it. Enjoy. xx

the only other place you'll see this story is on wattpad under the user ashbycatxx


1. chapter 1

chapter 1

They were sitting in there dorm room studying for a science test coming up. All listening to music. Chewing gum, or eating a mint. So oblivious. Little did they know I was going to make their life a living h*

Blaire's p.o.v.

"SHUTUP MATHEW I'M TRYING TO STUDY!" I yelled at my boyfriend. He was yelling at his stupid video game once again. Mental note:find him a new hobby. "SORRY BABE!" Lord help us all. "HOLA MY BXTCHES" yelled my best friend Victoria. Let me just tell you now, she's something else. So don't be offended by her in any way. " OH EM GEE JUST SHUTUP PLEASE. I HAVE TO STUDY!" I yelled once more. "Jeeze sorry!" she exclaimed rolling her eyes. Lord knows she is full of sass. Basically my twin.

"Hey are you done studying?" Victoria asks some what hopeful. "Yes finally!" "Goo-"

* cue knocking on door *


Hola meh friends. So this is the first chapter of Miss Jackson! I know it short but I tried my best. Hope y'all like it :* comments and votes are appreciated. I'm new to movellas so feedback is much appreciated! the only other place you will see this story I on wattpad under the user ashbycatxx

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