"If nothing lasts forever. Please be nothing Birdie." || © Copyright 2014. All Rights Reserved.


1. Prolouge




I want to scream

'Come back to me'

until I have 

No lungs to breathe.

If nothing lasts forever. Please be nothing.




"This is all your fucking fault!" Niall yells storming into my room and sliding everything from my vanity to the floor. I look at all the glass from my perfume bottles shattered on the floor and then back at him.

"what the hell is your problem? what gives you the right to do that to my stuff?How did you get in my house even?" I shout back . He grabs my wrist pulling me towards him "Your my problem Birdie-" he pins me against the wall "and it's all your fucking fault." he breathes heavily.

I look him in his eyes. Its almost like getting lost in an ocean , like I had fell overboard and was searching for something to support my last bits of breath. He leaned his forehead against mine and started to silently cry. Letting tears slip to the floor below us. Like transparent paint brushing against his flushed cheeks. Would it be sick if I said he looked beautiful?

"I'm sorry this happened to us. I would take it back if I could." I murmur so quietly that I could be mistaken for talking to myself.

"Well i'm not Birdie.I'm god damn estatic about it."




This is a Niall Horan Fan fiction.

This story is a complete work of fiction.

It is an alternate universe.

Also I will be using big girl words (cursing)  and no no words (lol)

Meaning this story may be provacotive but not explicit.

So it will be intimate but not a porno hence the rating.

So if you can't be mature .. don't bother reading and please do not comment 

it isn't that bad honestly.

Thanks though...c:

not to seem rude though bae )








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