In An Instant


1. Chapter 1

"Mom!!!" I scream from the top of the stairs.


"What did you do with my freaking lacy white shirt?!!!"

"I don't remember honey...check in the laundry basket."

"Oh. My. God! Are you serious. I told you to put it on my bed! I'm gonna be late for school now!!" I stomped upstairs. A few minutes later I heard a knock on my door. "What do you want?!" I screamed.

"Sweety I found your shirt..." My mom says holding it out for me.

"Ugh. Thanks" I say and grab it out of her hands. I finished my make up and hair. My hair is about medium length, it's blonde with black highlights, and is easy to work with. I have long eyelashes and silver-blue eyes. I have tan, blemish-free skin, and am rather skinny. I am a cheerleader and Harrison High School and I have an insanely hot football player boyfriend. My life is pretty great right now.

I look in the body mirror I have behind my door. I am wearing a black tank-top with a white lacy sweater shirt over the top, black skinny jeans, and my light brown ugg boots. I apply a light coat of lipgloss, grab my bag and run down the stairs.

"Mom I'm leaving" I shout and grab my phone and keys and run out the door. I have a black dodge charger with a silver strip on each side. I step in and shut the door and grab my phone. I go straight to my texts.

2 Texts From Jeydon "hey babe I'm going to be at school early for morning practice, meet you @ 7:30"

I check the time. 7:26. Shit. I better go. I throw my phone in the passenger seat, pull the car into reverse and drive off. When I pull into the school lot next to Jeydon's car, he's already leaning against it waiting for me.

"Colbie!" He says in a sexy tone. I walk up and wrap my hand around his next and he wraps his around my waist. I kiss him deeply. I pull back taking his hand with me and walking to class. The rest of the day was just insanely boring. Finally the bell rings to go home. I walk to my locker and Jeydon is there waiting for me with roses in his hands. I smile and spread my arms out for a hug. He wraps his hands around me, picks me up, and spins me around. God I love this boy. He walks me to my car, and kisses me. Then I had to leave.

When I pull up to my house I grab my keys, phone, bag, and the roses. When I walk into the house my mom meets me at the door.

"Oh honey! Those are beautiful, did Jeydon get those for you?" She asks so calmly.

"Yeah" I smile just thinking about him.

"How about I put them in a vase?" She asks reaching for them.

"No!" I snap. "They're mine!"

"Well of course they're yours sweety, they just wouldn't die as soon." She gestures toward them again.

"Fine, whatever." I say throwing them towards her. I walk up to my room and lay on my bed. About an hour later I hear a knock on my door. "Come in" I yell.

My mom peeks her head through the door and says, " I have to go to the store really quick I'll be back in about ten minutes" an then waits for me to reply.

"Fine." Is all I say. She shuts the door and a bit later I hear her car start and drive away. My mom isn't the same as she used to be. When my dad died in the Air Force she lost it. She's to sensitive and too "into my buisness" and too protective over me. I was the only child they had, but still. My mom is a short lady with brown hair and a soft smile. She's always quiet, and is as sweet as sugar. But I've been really irritable because of how sensitive she is now. I was a daddy's girl but I seen no sense in letting that ruin my life and just be sad all of the time, my mom doesn't think so though. I drifted to sleep and woke an hour later from my phone ringing. I answer it.

"This is the Dallas City Police Department. Is Colbie Johnson available?"

I sat up startled. "This is she"

"You're mom Susan Johnson has just been in a severe car accident and has been taken into the county hospital. She is in critical condition. I am afraid we cannot release any other information on this patient over the phone but you may come and find out more at the hospital."

A lump welled in my throat. "O-okay thank you." I say and hang up. I jump out of bed and slipped my shoes on. I grab my phone and keys and run out the door. I speed to the hospital and run through the emergency doors.

"Hi. Excuse me but my mom has just been brought in she was just in a car accident and I need to see if she's okay." I say half screaming half whispering.

"Um yes. First and last name please."

"Susan. Johnson"

"No information has been brought up but I will let you know as soon as I can."

My heart literally shatters. I need to see if she's okay. I deliver a warm smile, thank her, and take a seat. A few hours later a doctor comes out to see me. I stand up to great him.

" Hi I'm Dr. Scott." He says holding his hand out for me to shake. "You must be Colbie"

"Um, yes.that would be me" I smile and shake his hand. "How's my mom". His smile instantly faded, then mine does.

"Miss Johnson you need to know that we tried everything we could-"

I cut him off.."No no. No no no no. Don't tell me she's-" I burst into tears.

"I'm incredibly sorry for you loss." He says, and then walks away. I run out the doors and run to my car. Who do I call? Jeydon.


"Babe..." I barely choke out between sobs.

"Oh my gosh babe what's wrong?!" He asks so worriedly.

"My mom's dead".

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