Ncis Fanfic

This is a Ncis fanfic. I did not create the character Danielle, it was someone's oc. Full credit to her.

A dead sailor is found with venom in his system and they call Danielle Renner to help. Her and McGee hit it off..

At the end c;


1. Fanfic

Ncis Fanfic

"We got a body." Said Gibbs as he quickly walked past the group. "Let's go."

Tony DiNozzo, Timothy McGee and Ziva David all followed behind.


The young sailor's body washed on the shore of what was a boating dock.

"Get over here." Called McGee.

The group walked to the cold, pale body. They all questioned what McGee had found.

"Look at this" He turned the head of the body showing part of the neck. There were bite marks running from the top of the neck to the bottom, and more trailed on his stomach, back, and other various parts of his body.

"Are those bite marks?" Tony asked.

"I believe so." McGee answered back. "They seem to be trailing everywhere on his body."

"We need to get this to the lab." Ziva remarked.


"What did you find ducky?" Gibbs was in the lab with Dr. Mallard and his assistance Mr. Palmer.

"There seem to be multiple bites on the body, but look what I found." Ducky goes to a certain bite mark on the body and inserts a toothpick in it. "These bite marks are extremely deep. Not only that, but these are snake bites, venomous snake bites. However, I can't confirm the type of venom in his body."

"Ok, we'll get on it. Keep looking for other evidence on the body."

"Will do sir."

Gibbs walks to the groups cubicles. "Snake venom." He says. "We need someone who specializes in snakes or snake venom."

"A herpetologist should do. They specialize in reptiles sir. I'm on it." McGee said.

"Ooh big words McGee," Tony teased.

"Shut it DiNozzo." Gibbs said as he walked to his office.

"Yeah, shut it DiNozzo." Ziva teased.

McGee began to make calls for a herpetologist while Ziva and DiNozzo filed some paperwork at their desks.

"Hello this is Danielle Renner." Answered the woman on the phone.

"Hello yes I was wondering if you were a herpetologist." Said McGee.

"Yess I am sir, how can I help you?"

"Do you specialize at all in snakes and snake venom?"

"Snake venom is what I am best at!" She said cheerfully.

"That's fantastic! This is Timothy McGee from the Ncis and we would love your help solving this what we think is a murder. I'll just give you all the details if you decide to come over and help."

"Oh I would love to help."

"Great! Here's the address." McGee gave her the address and hung up the phone.


When Danielle arrive at their building everyone on the team greeted her Kindly. She was wearing a purple shirt with black skulls, jeans, black converse and her hair was up in a bun. McGee didn't move much. He said only hey and awkwardly looked down at some papers he was writing on.

"C'mon McGee, show the new girl to Ducky's." Tony said. McGee stood up and showed Danielle the way. He didn't say anything on the way there. His actions were peculiar. Behind him were Danielle, Ziva, and Tony.

"Do we finally have ourselves someone who can clear this up for us?" Ducky asked.

"Yes sir," she answered. "Let me just examine the body, get some samples and I can help you out the best I can." She was saying all of this with a smile. "McGee was it? Could you help me out a bit?" McGee hesitated before walking over to where she was standing.

"Come on McGee, don't be a shy little man." Tony teased.


After analyzing all of her samples she conferred with Dr. Mallard and Gibbs about what she found.

"It's one of the most poisonous snake venom that there is. It's from the Philippine Cobra. Whoever did this must have went to great lengths to get this."

"Thank you Ms. Renner." Said Ducky as he collected the report she had put together.

"Yes thank you Danielle. We will be calling you or checking up on you later for more assistance and evidence." Gibbs said.

As Danielle was walking out McGee gave her an awkward goodbye. She smiled and waved, then left.


The day after that, Gibbs, Tony and McGee wanted to check on Danielle. They went to the address she had given them for her house. Gibbs had a call to make so he stayed back for a moment. Tony knocked on her door and heard her yell "Come in! It's open!"

As they walked in a Lizard looking thing scurried into the room startling McGee and Tony. They both jumped into the chair closest to them while screaming. They say there staring at it for a second before Gibbs walked in. He calmly looked down at the Lizard Monitor and bent down to pet it's head. He then stood back up straight and looked at the two boys in amusement.

"Hello ladies." He teased. Danielle walked into the living room where they were and stared at them.

"Awe, how cute. The two 'big bad' Ncis boys got scared by my little lizard."

Tony and McGee stood up from the chairs and brushed their jackets off like nothing happened.

"So what's this about?" She questioned.

"Our evidence showed that the skin under the mans nails has hair fragments of yours. I know it can't be you because the skin was someone else's, it had no match to yours. However, we have concluded that our killer must be someone that you know or have had contact with recently. We think that he might be after you, considering that he chose to use snake venom, which is the number one thing you specialize in, knowing that we would need you in this investigation. We suggest you move to a safe house until we find the culprit." Gibbs stood firmly as he said this.

"Same house?" Her voice got louder. "No way am I going to a safe house! I'll risk getting caught. I can still be useful to you guys. You can't possibly put me in a safe house."

"Well, there are other options." Tony chimed. "McGee can watch you. You can stay at his house until this case is solved." McGee now looked embarrassed. He awkwardly looked at her and was about to open his mouth and say something before Gibbs voiced something.

"That sounds like a good idea. Would you be fine with that Ms. Renner?"

"Um, yeah I guess. It's a lot better than some safe house, and it will allow me to get to know the team better."

"Great!" Exclaimed Tony. "Pack your bags and McGee will drive you to his house and get you settled in. McGee, go help her with her things."

McGee followed her into her room where he found a big gaming system. She had a headset and a keyboard slanted sideways. The monitor was on playing one of McGee's favorite games.

"So, um, you game?" He asked nervously.

"Oh yeah, been playing for years. To be honest, I really enjoy it, more than anything." She laughed. McGee secretly looked around the room some more and saw all of her other reptiles in their cages. Snakes, lizards, chameleons, and many more.

"Um, what games do you play most?" McGee asked while picking up her bags for her.

"League of Legends and World of Warcraft are what I like and play most." She answered.

McGee's eyes lit up. "You play League and WoW?! On League who do you play most?" He really wanted to get to know her now.

"Miss Fortune. I like marksman most but I'm pretty skilled with tanks and support." She said with a smile on her face.

"Cool! I play the tanks mostly. I'm pretty good if I do say so myself." He laughed.

There was much more work to be done, so McGee just dropped her bags off at his place and left with Danielle to the office. McGee fills out some paperwork while Danielle hangs at Ziva's office.

"I need to talk to Abby, wanna come meet her?" Ziva asked.

"Yeah that would be great." She answered cheekily. As they walked to Abby's 'office' Danielle and Ziva began talking about things they had in common. Turns out they both love the outdoors. Danielle talked about how she loves horseback riding and swimming.

"Hey Abby." Ziva said while walking out of the elevator to her office.

"Hey girl!" Abby said with her head down examining something with a microscope.

"This is Danielle." Ziva said introducing her to Abby. "She's helping us with the case."

"Oh The herpetologist! Hi I'm Abby. I love reptiles, your job is so cool!!"

"Haha hi, and thanks."

"So come look at some of the evidence I have!" Abby showed them both the venom she extracted and some DNA that Ducky had found on the body. Abby also discussed the danger of her being on this case.

"I know, but I don't back down. Whoever it is isnt going to make me cower!" Danielle cheered.

"Do you know anyone that could be capable of doing this just to get to you?"

"I don't think so..." She answered. "I only know two people that would hold a grudge and be willing to do anything."

"Who?!" Ziva questioned.

"A co worker or my ex boy friend.."

"Where are they?"

"I don't know.. I haven't seen either of them in weeks.. Months.."

"Well we need to keep you safe!" Protested Abby.

"Yeah I know. I'm staying at McGee's house.." Her face grew pink.

"Ooh. And how's that going?" She winked.

"Well it just happened today so all I did was put my bags in his apartment then left and came here."

"Oh." Abby laughed. "Well don't have too much fun when you have to stay there tonight."

"Oh be quiet." Ziva commented.

"Hey, wanna go to this club I know? The owners and employees owe me some favors so I can get us in for free. It'll be a blast." Danielle said.

"Yeah sounds fun. Ziva you in?"

"Yeah I guess it could be fun." Ziva said.

"Great then we're going. We'll be off of work soon."

"Ok. I'm just gonna go see what I can do for Gibbs and Dr. Mallard." Danielle said as she left the room. "Oh and," she turned around. "Nice to meet you." She smiled.

"You too." Abby said.


They all three walked into the club with their hot dresses and boots on.

"How do you like it?" Danielle said over the music.

"Good." Abby said.

"Yeah good." Ziva laughed. They moved over to the bar where they got a few drinks then went and sat back down.

Danielle almost choked on her drink. "Look who's here!" She said. Abby and Ziva turned around to see DiNozzo and McGee making their way into the club. "Oh my god I'm gonna go say hi." Danielle got out of her seat and walked over to the boys. "Hey you guys. I didn't know you guys would he here tonight."

"Same here! But I come here all the time, the bar keepers know me by name." DiNozzo smirked. "However, McGee here is just gettin' his sea legs for clubs. I'm surprised I got him out here tonight." McGee stood there awkwardly but waved hi and Danielle. Ziva and Abby walked over to where they were standing and said hi. "Why didn't you tell Danielle that we come here all the time?" DiNozzo asked Abby.

"I guess it must have just slipped my mind." She smirked.

"Wanna dance?" Danielle asked McGee.

"Um. Sure." Danielle took his hand and dragged him to the dance floor while DiNozzo hit on all of the girls and Abby and Ziva danced along with Danielle.


After the club Danielle gets a ride with McGee since she has to stay at his place. The car ride was just music and no talking. When they walked in she went straight to the bathroom to get changed.

"Make yourself at home Danielle." He stuttered.

"Sure thing."

Danielle walks out of the bathroom in a towel. "Umm... Can you show me how to turn on the bath water?" She asked. McGee turned his head. Wen he saw her in a towel his face became a bright shade of red that anyone could see from a mile away.

"Sure.." He said. He walked into the bathroom and turned on the hot bath water for her. He gave her some bath bubbles to go along with her bath as well.

"Why does a big bad Ncis agent have bubble bath?" She teased. He smiled gently and became more embarrassed. "Um just have fun with your bath.. I mean don't have fun.. Uh.. Nvm." He walked out in a fluster. Danielle turned on some music but not loud enough to disturb him.

Twenty minutes had gone by and he could no longer hear her music.

"You alright in there Danielle?" He asked. She, however, didn't answer. He did what he thought he should do and walked in. There she was laying asleep in the bath. The opening of the door work her up.

"Oh my gosh I'm so sorry." He said loudly.

"No it's fine. I didn't mean to fall asleep.. How embarrassing!" She said.

"Well.. I'll uh. Be out here."

She got up and put her clothes on when he left. The water drained out of the bath and she walked to his living room. He was watching some tv.

"Whatcha watching?" She said.

"Oh nothing."

"Well I'm not really tired.. Mind if I watch with you?"

"Yeah. Here, let's find a movie." He goes through his movies before Danielle finds one that she loves.

"Oh my god you have Paul Blart Mall Cop?!" She said.

"Yeah." He laughed. "It's one of my favorites."

"Mine too!!" She screamed. McGee put in the movie and Danielle cuddle up against the couch. After a while Danielle felt lazy and fell onto McGee.

"Oh sorry." She said.

"It's ok.." He said back. At that moment, their eyes locked. Both of them leaned in for a kiss. Before they knew it, their lips were touching. Suddenly someone can barging into the room. The two on the couch quickly moved away from each other.

"We found another body!" DiNozzo stated.


"The killer must be trying to get your attention." Ziva said while overlooking the body in Ducky's office.

"Yes it seems so." Ducky said. "This killer is using more potent and poisonous venoms. He's getting the snakes that you know best." Danielle was taken aback.

"We needa find him. Where have you found these bodies recently?"

"At boating docks." Ziva said.

"Ok then, I'm going to be bait. Here's the plan..." She talked about since he has been killing at this on particular boating dock she would go there while the team disguises themselves and when the killer get near her they can follow him and save her.

"It's too dangerous!" McGee protested.

"Don't worry I'll be fine, I have you guys watching out for me." She had managed to convince Agent Gibbs to allow her to do this. She was ready.


She walked onto the wood bridge like thing over the water near the boats. She made it seem like she was just trying to get somewhere. Stopping to tie her shoe so that she could save time. She had to admit she was very nervous. She had never been undercover before and had no idea what this murderer was capable of. She felt a presence behind her but kept casually walking forward slowly. Just as the feeling of presence got greater she heard someone shout.

"Back away from the lady." Said Tony's stern voice.

"And who are you?" The presence said.

Tony held up his gun. As the person saw the gun he held up what he was holding and backed away. Gibbs followed behind DiNozzo, as did McGee. Tony motioned for the man to drop what he was holding, so he did. Danielle then turned around to see her ex boyfriend with a needle and some liquid. She assumed he was trying to poison her. She distinctly identified the liquid to be the most deadly venom on the planet, the Inland Taipan. She backed away and allowed them to take him into custody. She was frightened because she never thought that her ex boyfriend was capable of doing something like this. She knew he could be aggressive but she never imagined something like this.


Danielle had left some things behind at McGee's house after "moving out." She knocked on the door and as he opened it the room lit up.

"Oh hey, you forgot some stuff." He laughed.

"Yeah." She said. After she gathered her things she had to say goodbye to McGee.

"Well I guess this is goodbye." McGee said, sounding a little disappointed.

"Yeah.." She said. Their eyes locked up again and soon they were kissing. McGee shut the door and gently pushed Danielle's back to the door. The kissing hardened. Danielle parted her lips slightly allowing McGee's tongue access inside of her mouth.

They moved to his bedroom without breaking the kiss. She slipped his shirt off as he did hers. She lied on the bed and him over her, still kissing. She slowly unbuttoned his pants and began massaging his special area. He groaned a bit in the back of his throat. Still kissing, He undid her pants slowly as well. He then began kissing her neck, then nibbling gently. She was wearing a front hook bra so he easily snapped it off. The kissing went lower and he kissed each of her breasts gently. He moved back to her lips and while kissing her he massaged her breasts. She moaned lightly as he did so. He rubbed his finger tips over her nipples, causing her to gently bite his lip. He stopped the kiss and moved down. He slipped her pants off and then his own, along with the underwear that they both had on. His fingers caressed her special place. Now rubbing her clitorous she moaned louder with pleasure. She bit her lip and he kept rubbing her gently. He stopped suddenly. Danielle looked up at him, his face questioning whether or not he should go on. She nodded and lied her head back. He moved over her and inserted himself into her. She groaned even louder as he moved back and forth slowly and gently. He moaned as he felt her on him. Still in her, he bent down to kiss her again. He pulled out just before the climax and she pouted. He then flipped them over so that she was now on top.

"Mm.. Can I ride you?" She asked.

McGee bit his lip and nodded his head. She say on top of his special place, making it go inside of her. She began moving back and forth, and up and down. They both closed their eyes and moaned at the pleasure. She then too got off before the climax. Her hands slowly wrapped around his area and she moved them up and down. He groaned louder with please and she continued to move her hands. This time he was allowed to climax and she let him. She then began playing with him and teasing him. He didn't like to get teased so he rolled them over once more. He sat over her and inserted two fingers. She moaned slightly. Her head went back while his fingers went in and out. The moans got louder with the pleasure she got. He allowed her to climax on his fingers and he put them in his mouth.

"You taste so good.." He moaned.

She bit her lip and on through the night they continued, until they both fell asleep.


McGee woke up to the smell of food and some music. When he walked out of his room Danielle was dressed in one of his shirts making her breakfast. He walked over and kissed her before saying, "I could get used to this."

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