being Ashton's best friend

Emilee Jones has known Ashton Irwin since he was in diapers hey are best friends. But now that she is 19, she has started developing feelings for Ashton, but has not had the courage to tell him. until one night....


2. chapter two


              Emilee's P.O.V 

      I was playing in the water like a 6 year old.

"Um. Look down." Destiny said out of no where. I looked down confused and saw my top was on the water. I screamed and every one looked at me but thank god I was facing away from them. I got my top and had Destiny help me tie it, She was still laughing hysterically.

"Shut up, and Hurry up Ashton's running over!" I said.

            Ashton's P.O.V 

      I was playing in the sand with Luke and then I heard Emilee scream and i ran to her and then I saw that she lost her top. Then I screamed and covered my eyes. I would have liked to see her, But uh, Nevermind..

"Is everything okay?" I asked. She smiled and turned around.

"Um, yea everything's fine." She said adjusting her top. "You can go back to Luke now." She smiled.

"Alright." I said and pecked her lips. She looked surprised then smiled and blushed. I walked toward the beach and stop when I heard Emilee shout.

"Hey wait up, I'm coming to actually!" I turned and waited for her, We walked up to the beach hand and hand. When we got to the beach Destiny ran up to Calum and started talking to him. Me and Emilee sat by Luke In the sand.

"Hey when are we going to eat?" Luke asked.

"Um whenever. Are you getting Hungry." Emilee asked.

"Hmm a little." Luke said. "But I can wait."

          Emilee's P.O.V

     I got up and brushed off my swim suit bottoms.

"Im going to go talk to Mikey." I said and walked over to him tanning.

"Hello." I said laying next to him.

"Hi." He said looking over at me.

"Are you ready to go out to eat." I asked.

"I'm always ready to eat." He smiled. I laughed a bit then stood up.

"I'm going to get Destiny and Calum." I said. "I will go get Luke and Ash." He said and walked over to them. I pulled on my shorts and crop top and walked over to Calum and Destiny. They looked really cute together. Calum was Laughing really hard. But at the same time it's really wierd how similar they looked. They both have Black hair with slight blonde color in it. 

"What are you too talking about." I said standing behind Calum.

"Nothing....." Destiny said.  "It's hard to explain what we are talking about." She looked over at Calum and they started laughing. I smiled.

"Okay okay... We are about to leave to go eat. get all your stuff around." I said getting back up and walking and walking over to Ash. I hugged him and laid my head on his chest.

"Calum and Destiny act like Kids." I mumbled. I heard him laugh a bit. I looked up at him and he gave me a quick kiss on the lips.

"Let's go." I said intertwining our fingers together and walking to the car.


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Also I need some people to date Luke and Micheal so just tell me about you and maybe I will pick you.

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