being Ashton's best friend

Emilee Jones has known Ashton Irwin since he was in diapers hey are best friends. But now that she is 19, she has started developing feelings for Ashton, but has not had the courage to tell him. until one night....


1. Chapter One


     Emilee's P.O.V

  "Just how fast the night changes." I sung quietly to myself looking into the mirror Looking at my appearance. I had on some denim Boody shorts and a white crop top with a Pink bikini underneath.


(See a picture maybe)

I smiled and walked downstairs. Today is My birthday, I am officially 19 and I am going out with Ashton my best guy friend, the rest of the boys and my other best friend Destiny.

"I can't wait to see Ashton." I said aloud. Sure, he is my best friend and all but lately a just can't stop thinking about him, His big beautiful brown eyes and his Adorable laugh, and his picture perfect dimples on ether side of his face. I blinked and snapped out of my day dream, I heard a honk and I put my phone in my back pocket and shoved on my black converse and ran to the car.  I got into the back seat of Michael's car sitting next to Ashton. I looked around the car a saw Destiny, Ashton, Michael, and Calum But no Luke.

"Hey Ash where is Luke?" I asked.

"Hi." Luke said popping up from the trunk right behind me. I smiled and rolled my eyes.

"So, where are we going again?" I asked.

"Well first we are going to the beach and then your favorite restaurant." Ashton said.

"Yay!" I said.

    We pulled up to the beach and we all piled out, We almost had the entire beach to Our self's I walked over to a shaded area under a tree and stripped down to my pink bikini and sat down. Ashton walked up to me.

"Hey." He said. I looked up at him and blocked the sun with my hand.

"Hey." I said he sat down next to me. 

"You don't want to go out there without this, trust me." He said and started rubbing sun tan lotion over my arms. I breathed in, his touch made my arms tingle. I looked up at his head and saw he was wearing sun glasses. I snatched them off his head and put them on.

"Hey give them back!" He yelled

"No I think they look better on me." I said joking.

"I guess I will have to force them back...." He said and sat there for a minute then started tickling Me on the sides.

"Ha Ha. Ash Stop." I said between laughs. He was sitting on my stomach still tickling my sides. He stopped and looked down striated into my eyes. He smiled. Okay I really couldn't do this anymore, I'm going to show him how I feel whether he likes me or not. I smiled back then leaned in Kissing him on the lips. I was about to stop but then he smiled and kissed back, softly at first then he deepened the kiss.

    I pulled away, Not wanting to I really just wanted to lay here all day, just like this, He smiled and then got up,

"Um, We should really, Uh, go sit with the others," He said.

"Yea." I said and got up and we walked over together. I sat next to Luke and he went and sat next to Destiny. I hope I didn't just ruin our friend ship.

      Ashton's P.O.V

    I went and sat next to Destiny.

"Hi." I said,

"No I don't wanna hear Non of what just went down." She said. I looked at her shocked.

"W-What?'' I asked.

"I saw you to over there kissing like there was no tomorrow." She said sassy like.

"Oh Yea..." I said looking down at my feet I felt the blood rushing to my cheeks. Destiny breathed in. 

"I know how you feel about her, Just tell Her, I know she likes you too, You just have to start something or nothing will happen." Destiny said. I sighed.

"Okay I will, Only if you go sit by Calum and talk to him." I said loudly,

"SHH! Fine If it will get you and Emilee together I will." She said and walked over to Calum, a Little while later they were talking and laughing and goofing off. I walked over to Emilee and sat down.

"Hey." I said. She looked at me and smiled. It was really kinda awkward because I didn't know what to say.

"Um about that Kiss, I'm sorry I didn't Mean To-." Emilee started but I cut her off.

"I Liked it," I looked down. "I liked it and I like you." I said looking back up at her, she looked shocked then smiled,

"I like you too," She said and smiled. I kissed her forehead. Then Michael got up.

"I'm freaking Hungry." He said. "Can we go to Dinner now." He said rubbing his stomach. We all laughed.

"No! We have Only been here for Like 20 Minutes! Lets swim!" Calum Yelled grabbing Destiny's hand and running to the water. I looked over at Emilee and smiled I grabbed her hand and pulled her out into the water with me.


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