All the small things

Alyssa is a girl that's never been in love, never been kissed, never even been out of Idaho. But her new boarding school could change all of that, of course after she meets Luke Hemmings.

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5. Chapter 4: Meeting Calum

Once I was done cleaning up, I walked right across the hallway to Luke's room and knocked on the door. I heard him say come in so I did.

Once I was in I saw Luke sitting on his bed without a shirt putting a book down. "If you knew I was coming over why the nudity?"

"Sorry I like reading naturally" he said with a grin

"Oh really haha" I walked over and sat on his bed "so what is the great Luke Hemmings reading?"

"Uhm nothing.." He said shyly 

"Dude just tell me" i reached to get the book out of his hand and he backed away and I fell on the floor taking him down with me. We were just laying on the floor him in top of me shirtless, staring at each other. He leaned in... Then... There was a knock at the door. We both quickly got up.

Luke walked to the door and opened it, there stood a tall guy with black hair. "Hey Calum." Luke said.

"Ready to prac.." He stopped talking when he saw me. "Oh sorry Luke didn't know you had company." He said winking at Luke, which made me blush like an idiot.

"It alright, this is Alyssa. I was just about to give her a tour."

"Of what your pants?" Calum said laughing. Luke hit him in the arm. "Sorry, sorry I couldn't help it, well you two have fun but not too much fun. Luke enough with the nudity." Luke then put a shirt on. "It was nice meeting you."

"You too." I replied. After that Luke shut the door.

"Sorry about him, he kinda just says the first thing that comes to mind."

"No it's okay, it's not like you even like me so no biggy right." I said smiling at Luke.

"Oh uhm yeah right.." He said quietly "well shall we?" He said gesturing towards the door.

"We shall." 

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