All the small things

Alyssa is a girl that's never been in love, never been kissed, never even been out of Idaho. But her new boarding school could change all of that, of course after she meets Luke Hemmings.

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3. Chapter 3: Luke Hemmings

"Wait so your telling me you've never been outside of Idaho?!"

"Nope, never."

"Wow killer life style you have." He said as we arrived to my room.

"Well uhm would you like to come in? I just finished unpacking but my room is still kind of a--" before I could even finish speaking he was already in the door. 

"Woah, dude your room is awesome" he said as he gazed at my posters. "I see you like bands, I'm in a band"

"Really?" I have to admit that's pretty hot "that's awesome music is like my favorite thing ever well, that and pizza of course."

"Pizza is definitely the best. And yeah I'm in a band we practice in my room so if you ever wanna listen just stop by anytime." He flashed a smile, a gorgeous smile, a perfect smile, a "Alyssa?" My thoughts were interrupted. 

"Oh uhm yeah that's cool, I should probably change now."

"Oh yeah right." I just stood there looking at him waiting for him to leave my room. "Oh yeah sorry I should probably leave, I still feel really bad for spilling your drink on you. so how about in like 20 minuets you come over and I'll show you around campus?"

Let's see I just met this guy, he could be an axe murderer for all I know. But hey if I don't say yes I'll never find out. "Yeah that sounds great." I said. He walked out of my room with a smile.

"See you later princess." 

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