All the small things

Alyssa is a girl that's never been in love, never been kissed, never even been out of Idaho. But her new boarding school could change all of that, of course after she meets Luke Hemmings.

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17. Chapter 15: The Funeral

Today. Today was the day I'd been dreading. My mother, my own freaking mother dead. I told her before I left that it wouldn't be the last time she saw me, but sure enough it was. As I look down at her casket now I know, some promises can't be kept but it's the love you put into the promises that counts.

I loved my mother. She was my everything. Thinking about going on through life seemed impossible now. But as I looked up at Luke, he kissed my forehead and I knew that my mom would watch over me and make sure I was never alone.

After the funeral I didn't feel like talking, or doing anything for that matter. So Luke checked us into a hotel. He brought up our bags and I changed into black sweats, a long sleeved t-shirt and put my hair in a messy ponytail. 

"Do you want anything love?" Luke asked me.

"No..." I said moping around our room.

"Come on let's go do something fun, let's not let the end of your mothers life ruin yours. I wanna get you smiling again." He picked me up bridal style and carried me out of our room.

We spent a good two hours exploring the hotel, dingdong ditching, hiding under tables, putting towels in the public toilets, pointless shit like that. And looking at Luke now, I didn't feel so bad.

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