All the small things

Alyssa is a girl that's never been in love, never been kissed, never even been out of Idaho. But her new boarding school could change all of that, of course after she meets Luke Hemmings.

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14. Chapter 12: Luke...

The next day I woke up in my bed surprisingly. I got dressed into my "on Wednesdays we wear pink" sweatshirt with my light blue jeans and moccasin boots and curled my hair and put on my makeup.

I walked out to the "study room" and got a blended caramelizer then sat on one of the couches and started to read Looking for Alaska (my favorite book like ever) as I was reading someone tapped me on my shoulder.

"Hey Alyssa?" I turned around to see Calum standing there "have you seen Luke anywhere I can't find him." 

"No but I'll go look." I went to the one place I knew he loved, the little forest at the edge of campus. I was walking when I came to a little creek with a bridge built over it. That's where I found Luke. "Luke?"

"Oh uhm hi Alyssa." Luke said wiping his eyes.

"Oh my gosh Luke what's wrong?" He looked up at me.

"You. This. Us." You know how you feel butterflies in your stomach, yeah well all of mine just died. I started to tear up.

"L-Luke what do y-you mean?" I asked trying to not cry.

"You deserve so much better then just me. Basic average Luke. I'm...I'm..worthless. And it's not fair that I fell in love with you because you deserve the best and I'm just not. I'm sorry Alyssa I can't do this." He said getting up. He started walking away.

"Luke LUKE! Stop! Please." I said catching up to him. "Luke, I don't care what you think I deserve. I want you. Your all I want. Please just don't leave me." He looked at me then kept walking leaving me. "LUCAS YOU SAID YOU WOULD NEVER LEAVE AND I WOULD NEVER BE ALONE!" I yelled crying my eyes out. "I LOVE YOU. YOU CHANGED ME. YOU CANT JUST CHANGE ME THEN LEAVE!....please." I sat on the ground and started sobbing.

He left me.

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