All the small things

Alyssa is a girl that's never been in love, never been kissed, never even been out of Idaho. But her new boarding school could change all of that, of course after she meets Luke Hemmings.

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12. Chapter 10: Wanna ditch?

BEEP!!!! BEEP!!!! BEEP!!! Went Luke's alarm clock, Luke kinda got extremely scared and pushed me off the bed but our legs were intertwined so he fell on top of me. The shirt Luke let me borrow went all the way up completely exposing me.

"I'" Luke's eyes got big, I realized what he was looking at.

"Hey my eyes are up here."

"Oh uh sorry." He said getting up off of me. "I just uhm...didn't mean to?" I didn't feel like arguing so I just let it slide. "We should probably get ready for school."

"Ugh school." I said remembering why I came here in the first place. "I don't wanna go."

"Okay so we'll just ditch." I looked up at him " I'm sure the dean will understand, you just had a severe loss."

"Yeah okay and what's your excuse?"

"Uhhh... Cough cough... I'm sick." He said smiling at me "wanna make me feel better?" Then he picked me up and put me on his bed and started tickling me.

"LUKE STOP!!!" I said laughing "PLEASEEEE I SURRENDER!!" I almost peed it tickled so badly

"Only under one condition." He said "we have to watch mean girls."

"Really. Out of all of the things, you want to watch mean girls?" I said still laughing

"Oh did I say watch? I just ment have it on the tv while we makeout." He said sitting on his bed.

"Oh you mean you wanna do this?" I said. Then I straddled over him and kissed him passionatley, playing with his lip piercing causing him to moan.

"Uhm yes just like that." He said smiling, then he started to kiss me again. I played with his hair as we madeout. Then he put his hands under my shirt, slowly lifting it up over my head, exposing my baby blue laced underwear and bra. 

He laid me down on my back and got on top of me, we continued kissing until of course Calum walked in. "Damn Luke get some!"

"Calum, may I ask why the hell you are in my room right now?" Luke said angrily

"I was just making sure you were ready for class but I'll leave you to your business, and I'll tell the teacher your uh sick" Calum said winking then leaving the room.

I looked down at the floor grabbing Luke's shirt and putting it back on. "Hey you okay?" Luke asked me.

"Uhm yeah..I just don't like my body, I'm sorry you had to see it.."

"Wow Alyssa just wow, you really don't get it." Luke said

"Get what..?"

"How amazingly beautiful you are. You are so perfect, I don't even understand how you don't see it. You are so sexy, your body is absolutely wonderful. You are a princess darling." He said then he stood me up. "Take your shirt off." 


"Just do it." So I did and I covered my stomach. "No quit. Move your hands away." So I did "Look I'm still here, I'm not leaving you, your perfect just the way you are. I've seen you in just your bra and underwear and your flawless okay, please quit putting yourself down all the time."

"Anything for you." I said and I hugged him I wrapped my legs around him and he carried me to his bed. His warm chest felt so nice against my skin. He laid me down and cuddled up next to me. We started watching mean girls and I fell asleep.

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