Fire Works

Nicole Rose is best friends with 4 boys. Ashton, Michael, Calum and Luke. Luke has liked Nicole since he first laid eyes on her. Now Nicole is falling hard for him after her messy break up with Jacob. Jacob becomes her bully. Rumors fly around the town, since it's summer and they don't have school. Nicole breaks down inside. She harms herself. Will Luke save her from commiting suicide with some help from the boys? Or will he end up making it worse? It's like fireworks going on in their hearts.


3. #Chapter Three

A/N: Hey sorry I haven't updated in a week. Some one said they loved it and wanted me to update♥︎ Glad you liked it! Where here goes chapter 3! Bye Xx

Luke POV

We finally pulled away. She finally knew how much I love her. After so many years. I have loved her since the city day I met her. Now I can finally break up with Charlie! Charlie is my "girlfriend" but I mean I liked her but I loved Nic so yeah. I honestly felt left out because Nic was always with stupid Jacob so I got together with Charlie. Yes i know it was a very selfish thing to do.

"I-I'm go-gonna get ready." She said stuttering like she was honing to pass out. I think I'm about to to.

"Mkay" I said, walking back down stairs.

Nicole's POV

Luke walked out and I felt like I was going to explode. Ugh the feels ansbfjeks

I walked over to my closet. I pulled out a blink 182 shirt and ripped blue jean shorts. I laid them out on my bed. I put my hair into a high pony tail. I then curled the ends. I then put my clothes on. I slipped some bracelets on to cover the cuts on my wrist. They were old though. (A/N: I bet your like holy shit she self harms) I walked to my make up table or where all my make up was with a mirror and where I put my make up on. I put a little amount of foundation on along with some eyeshadow. I topped it off with some lipgloss. I grabbed my black vans and slipped them on. I then walked downstairs.

"Hello there" Luke said as a walked into the room. He is adorable.

"Hi" I replied. All of the boys were downstairs now, and awake.

"Who's ready to see a movie?!" Mikey yelled.

All of us screamed me. We ran outside to the cars. I climbed in the back seat of Calum's car. Luke and Ashton were on either side of me. Mikey and Calum were in the front. Calum was driving and Mikey was riding shotgun.

And then it hit me. School was on Monday. It was Saturday evening now. Annie was very popular. She kept me out of trouble. Now she's like my enemy, every one is going to kill me. The boys weren't popular but they didn't get bullied like me. I didn't get bullied bad but that's when Laiken was my friend. Crap. This is going to be horrible!

"We are here!" Mikey said breaking my thoughts. We lakes in. We all decided to watch the Conjuring. We've already watched it like 5 times though.

"Hey I'm going to the bathroom" I said to the boys.

"Ok" they said in sync.

I walked to the bathroom. I was horrified of what I saw.

"Well look who it is" Annie said. Her two friends or side kicks, Lauren and Paisley snickered beside her. And to think we used to be "friends".

"You wouldn't hurt me" i said trying to sound confident but I knew I was failing.

"Why would you think that?" She said, while twirling her hair in between her fingers.

"We used to be best friends" I said.

"Oh that was just to see how hurt you would get when I rejected you. here betted me on how hurt you would be" she said with a devilish smirk on her face. "I guess that will make it hurt a lot more when you get punched by your ex friend" she said air quoting the word friend. Oh shit. I'm about to get my ass beat!! I did the only thing I could do.

"LUKE! LUKEE! HELP!" I screamed while running to the door. Lauren jumped in front of it. "LUKE! SOMEONE! MICHAEL! ASHTON! CALUM! PLEASE!!" I screamed before Lizzie pulled my hands behind my back. "HELP!" I screamed.

"Oh shut up Nicole! They aren't going to help you! They probably hate you just as much as we do!" Annie said. Ouch. That hurt.

"How do you know?! You can't read minds! You can't even read books!" I snapped back.

"I told you to shut up!" She said. She then started to punch me multiple times. "HELP!" I screamed. She punched me again and again. Mostly in my stomach and my face. I'm starting to feel dizzy. Oh no! "Help" I said just above a whisper.

Just then a blonde headed angel burst through the door, making Lauren fall to the floor. The angel was followed by a red headed angel, a black headed angel, and a dirty blonde headed angel. Luke! Mikey! Cal! Ash! Just before I could say thank you and run towards them I blacked out Fuck! I need to wake up for them soon! Very soon.....

Hey guys! I'm really sorry I haven't been updating. I have been really sick and I had my phone taken away. After that some girls at my schools found this book and saw there names in it so yeahh. I changed the names of the ex friend. Well bye loves! I'll update very soon this time because tomorrow is the last day of school for two whole weeks! So I'll update a lot! Byeee! ~Hazel ❤️

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