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(NOTE: I wrote this years ago. Rereading it, I realized it's really bad, but I figured I'd publish it anyway.) A middle-aged married couple are getting caught up with their three unappreciative children. During a storm, the kids find their parents' memory box, which probes the parents to tell their unbelievable stories of their lives.


1. ~~Prologue

In a little suburb outside the city of Los Angeles, in the second house on Sunshine Avenue, lives the Jackson family.  They are very normal.  The Jackson family is a very active part in the community.  They always participate in carpools and never miss a parent-teacher conference.  All in all, the Jackson family lives a model life. 

The Jackson house is also very normal.  It is a two story gray shingled home, complete with a basketball hoop and in ground pool.  They have a pristine lawn, so green you’d think a leprechaun planted the seeds himself.  There isn’t a weed in sight. 

Everything about the Jackson seems perfect and so, well, normal. 

And it is at this very normal house that our story starts, because the truth is, the Jackson family is not as normal as they appear to be. 


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