Forever changed

After a car accident rips the Hattle family apart, Amanda and her father move to the UK to move on from what has happened in the past. To start a new life.


8. 7.

It was the morning of the audition and the sun wasn't even up yet. I was dressed in a short black dress with short lace sleeves and black converse. My brown hair was let down and the curls looked like they took forever but really it was natural. I decided on having a natural look so I only put on a little mascara and was ready.

I walk downstairs hearing my dad talk to himself.

"You alright?" I ask him. He was standing by stove scrambling some eggs.

"Yeah of course I am. I made you breakfast, scrambled eggs." He puts the eggs on a plate and brings it over to the table. "You look beautiful."

"Thanks dad" I say blushing. "You seem really excited even though it's barely 5:30"

"Well yeah it's not everyday your daughter auditions for such a big show." He laughs.

"Okay true, you should go get ready. We have to leave soon to catch the train." I tell him. He goes up stairs to get ready as I finish my eggs. He returns fifteen minutes later in a teal button up shirt and black dress pants.

"Don't you look spiffy?" I say. It was good to see him all dressed up like this. It's been awhile since he has.

"You like? I got it specifically for this occasion" he says while turning around for me to get a better look.

"Yeah I love it. So are we ready to go?"

"I think so" my father says as he puts out his arm for me to hold on to.

"Let's go!" I scream happily as we walk out the front door.

By the time we got off the train to London it was about 7:30 and it was about a twenty minute walk from the station to the audition locations.

Once we were a little less than a mile away we began to see the lines and people saying "girls in this line, boys in this line, groups over there and over 25's in the far right line." It was crazy how many people were here to either audition or support those that were.

"There are so many people here" I whisper to my dad right next to me.

"Yeah it's a little insane, but you'll be just fine." He says.

While making my way through the line to check in and get my tag a little girl pulled on my arm. She was wearing a cute little yellow sundress with white polka dots all over.

"Hello there kiddo" I say looking down at her. She must have been about six years old.

"Hi. You're pretty" she giggles then runs away back to what looked like her mother in the over 25's line.

"Well wasn't that sweet" the girl behind me says. "I'm Alice Perix" she sticks out her hand for me to shake.

I shake her hand "Amanda Hattle."

"Your accent, you don't sound like you're from around here."

"I moved here a few months from the U.S." I tell her. "I love it here"

"Yeah, it's beautiful isn't it?"

"Yup" I tell her. We talk for a little bit longer as we wait in line until we reach the front.

"Name, age, consent forms, and audition piece" the man at the table said without looking up.

I write down all my information on the form and hand him the packet that is the consent form. "Alright put this tag on and head into the waiting room. You may take one family member back with you. If you do not apply with the X Factor rules or policy's you may be asked to leave the grounds of the X Factir auditions. Do you understand?" He says with straight, unenthusiastic face.

"Yeah I understand. You've must have said that a million times by now" I say friendly while grabbing my tag from him.

"You have no idea" he tells me with a look that could kill. "Good luck today."

I walk through the back and into the room with my father. Everywhere I looked there was somebody. The room easily had a thousand people in it and there were still plenty outside waiting to get in. It looked like the ages ranged from five to seventy-five.

"Don't be scared mandz" my father whispers to me as we walk around trying to find a spot to sit. We end up finding a seat up against the wall near the far window in the open room. By now it was nine o'clock and the auditions have been going on for an hour now. Every few minutes different people called numbers out that represented people to come with them.

"Mandz," my father says, distracting me from my thoughts about today, "I want you to have this." He pulls out a ring that I recognized. "It was your mothers wedding ring. I thought you might want it. I know that your mother would be proud of you and so would your brother. Whatever happens today you are amazing. I want you to know that."

"Thank you dad," I hug him tightly, "this is exactly what I needed"

"Now when you go out there I want you to blow everybody away. Okay?" He smiles.

"Of course, there's no other option" I tell him with a confident look. We end up laughing at each other for a while and cracking jokes at each other.

"Next up numbers 5098931-5099042. Follow me" a woman says with a clipboard. That's me, 5099042.

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