Forever changed

After a car accident rips the Hattle family apart, Amanda and her father move to the UK to move on from what has happened in the past. To start a new life.


4. 3.

"Dad this place is awesome!" I scream while checking out the second floor. "I call this bedroom"

"You can have whatever room you want, love bug" he says while walking up the stairs. "The movers should be here tomorrow morning so we won't have anything major until tomorrow."

"Alright, dad" I say while laying spread out on the floor of my new room. "Dad, is it alright if I go for a walk and go check everything out?"

"Yeah sure just keep your cell phone on you and be back by eleven"

"Yay thanks dad" I jump up fast and run down the stairs. "See you later." I walk outside and down the few steps through our drive way.

"Hello you must be the new neighbors" a woman's voice says behind me.

I turn around and see a middle aged woman, "yeah me and my dad just moved in. I'm Amanda Hattle." I say while waving to her.

"Well nice to meet you Amanda, I'm Mrs. Magol. Where are you guys from?"

"We moved here from the US," I say while walking over to the fence that divides the two yards.

"Oh very nice. Well I'll let you be, it's very nice meeting you."

"Nice meeting you too Mrs. Magol" I say smiling before turning around and walking away. I follow the sidewalk for a couple miles and look at everything around. Lots of homes and kids playing outside.

It felt real nice being able to get out and be able to call this home. It's hard to believe that two days ago I was finishing up packing and getting ready to leave my old life behind me and now being in a completely different country.

After about half an hour of walking I came upon a small shopping area. It had a cute little bakery, toy shop, clothing store, and a few restaurants. I went into the bakery first to look around.

"Hello welcome to W Mandeville bakery'" a cheery old women said. "What can I do for ya?"

"Oh I'm new here and was just looking around." I tell her.

"Ah you're an American. Your accents are lovely" she says.

"My accent? I don't have one." I giggle at the thought of me having an accent.

"Oh sweet pea, here you have an accent. Not many people sound like you do. Most sound like me when try talk" she explains. I sit down at a table and she comes around the back and sits with me. "So tell me something about yourself" she says. We end up talking for awhile before I have to head home.

While walking home I think about how nice it is to live her and how different it is from where I used to live. I think this place was a good choice for us.

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