Forever changed

After a car accident rips the Hattle family apart, Amanda and her father move to the UK to move on from what has happened in the past. To start a new life.


3. 2.

By the time we landed it was 8 o'clock at night and my father and I were wide awake. We collected our luggage quickly and followed the crowd outside.

"Hey dad, do you know how to get to the train station from here?" I asked him.

"Nope, not a clue" he says looking around with a smile.

"Okay then, I'll ask somebody" I walk over to a man in a work suit. "Excuse me sir, do you know how to get to the train station from here?"

"Ah yes an American. Is it your first time here? But to the train station you must take a bus. I'm actually waiting for it if you'd like to tag along."

"Thank you so much!" I wave my dad over towards the man. "My father and I are moving here and are completely lost" I tell him as my dad approaches.

"Hello, I'm Brian Hattle and this is my daughter Amanda Hattle." He says while sticking out his hand.

"I'm Charles James" the British man says while shaking my fathers hand. "Your daughter says you two are moving here?"

"Yup, to Holmes chapel" my father says proudly.

"Very nice place." Charles says as the bus pulls up with a little tag saying 'train station' on it. "Guest first" he says while letting us go on the bus first.

It was a nice, short ten minute ride to the train station. When we got there Charles explained to us how to get to our trains boarding spot and let then went our own ways.

"That was a very nice man" my father says as we walked away.

We arrived at our area only a few minutes before our train arrived but after loads of confusion. From there we loaded onto the train and took a seat in the very back. The ride was about two and a half hours which felt like much longer than what it really was.

Once we pulled up in Cheshire it was about 10:45 at night and was too late to go find our rental car so we just checked in to the hotel that was across the street from the train station.


In the morning we got up bright and early and got ready.

"Are you as excited as I am about today? Finally seeing our new place!" My dad says.

"Umm yeah!" I almost scream as I grab my bag and wait by the door for him.

"Okay let's go then." He says while heading out the hotel door. "I called the car company and supposedly there's a car out front for us."

"Cool can I drive?" I ask him sarcastically.

"Heh funny, no. Neither of us are driving" he tells me as we walk outside to the car.

"Hello my name is Adam and I'll be driving you two today." The man says that's standing outside the car.

"Well thank you Adam, my names Amanda and this is my dad Brian" I say excited. We all get in the car and a small conversation breaks out between my dad and Adam but I tuned out. Looking out the window at our new home was more interesting. There were so many people and small shops. It made me so happy to be able to explore all these places.

"We're here" the driver said a few minutes later. "We arrived outside these cute little town houses that were made of brick. It was the perfect size for the two of us.

"Thank you, Adam" I say before getting out of the car and begin to unload our few bags out of the trunk.

"Do you guys need any help?" He asks but my father and I shake our heads no. We were to excited for help. We just wanted to go into our new place.

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