How Could You

Maya moves into a brand new house in a brand new state. She thinks things are going to go better for her, but really things are getting worse. She meets new people, some people more special than others.. And then when somebody very close to her kills her, will her family heal quickly, or will she haunt them forever..? DECIDED TO GO AHEAD AND RELEASE THE STORY SO FAR. IT'S NOT FINISHED. HELP ME EDIT IN THE COMMENTS?


3. Chapter 2

        I finished packing and believe it or not, i'm actually pretty excited to leave now. 

To have a brand new friends list and a brand new life. It's like, I was just surprised because well, I didn't know yet and I just.. I don't know, I wasn't prepared but now I am and I understand now that it's not going to be bad at all. 


I'm now on the plane and I have to admit it is a wonderful yet painful experience

Why painful? Because the people sitting behind me kept kicking my seat.

But other than that I enjoyed the 5 hours and 33 minutes that I was on a plane to San Francisco, California. 

Apparantley we are moving to a neighborhood called Butchertown. 

Which sort of scares me to be honest


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