VooDoo Doll • Luke Hemmings fanfic

D'Andrea and her best friend Vanessa are in the progress of making a band. They become knownish. One day at the studio they crash into another band with 4 hot guys in it. D'Andrea falls in love with Luke and Luke falls in love with her. Who will be heartbroken? What will happen to D'Andrea and Luke? What will happen to the bands?


1. We Meet The Little Shit(s)

It was time for a band meeting. I called Vanessa first i told her that i was calling a meeting. she was over in under a minute. she lives 3 houses down from me so thats how shes closest to me and knows me the most. We didn't bother calling Abby because she was on a date and we would fell bad if we had to make her leave. We started off by hopping in my car and driving to the studio to do simple things. On my way into the studio I told Vanessa I would meet her there I had to grab my guitar. I crashed into these 4 amazingly hot boys they were all Aussies. The ones that sticked out the most were a boy with blue hair, one that had drumsticks, and a boy with piercing blue eyes and blonde hair. "I'm sooo sorry I wasn't paying attention I was messing around with my guitar and…" I was cut off by all of them "It's fine." I rushed in the studio and talk to Mr.Lloyd our manager. He said with a concerned look on his face saying "My other band need the studio too so they asked to see if they could share and I said yes. That's fine right girls?" We said the usual things you would say "Yea we don't mind at all."

The boys I crashed into came in and said "We found the extra picks and sticks for practice we're ready now!" Mr.Lloyd introduced us.

The one with blue hair is Michael. The one with the drumsticks is Ashton. The one that has black hair with a nicely fat cute face is Calum. Then the boy that made me melt the most was Luke. His blue eyes made me melt and die.

~One Hour Later~

"I'm gonna go get some McDonalds and Starbucks anybody want something?" I yelled so everyone heard me. They wrote it down on a piece of paper.

Calum-Grande chai tea and a chicken wrap with ranch

Michael-Grande caramel swirl frappe

Ashton-Same as Mikey please

Nessa-The original thingy I always get in a Grande

Luke-Grande liquid cocain espresso so I don't get tired fucking you tonight. Don't forget the same for you too baby

As I walked out I folded the paper and put in my pocket I said "Be back in 20!" But before I went to the exit door I heard Luke tell everybody he had to go to the bathroom. "Don't lie to yourself you want me to night. I'll pick you up at 8:00.Don't forget you'll regret it and say damn I do want him. I'll be waiting!" He smirked to me in a whisper.

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