VooDoo Doll • Luke Hemmings fanfic

D'Andrea and her best friend Vanessa are in the progress of making a band. They become knownish. One day at the studio they crash into another band with 4 hot guys in it. D'Andrea falls in love with Luke and Luke falls in love with her. Who will be heartbroken? What will happen to D'Andrea and Luke? What will happen to the bands?


5. The Way Home

\\RECAP\\ - "I'm guessing that's a yes!"

|| D'Andrea's POV ||

Luke was a very safe driver I was surprised with all the excitement he left when we were leaving the movies. "You're a safe driver, I like that." I said smoothly so I wouldn't make him scared thinking I don't like safety or some dumb shit like that. "Yeah. Yeah, I guess so. But what's my present!" Luke was so interested in his present but he was also somewhat scared of it. "Do you not like presents or something?" I said with a chuckle. Luke looked at me biting his lip, damn can't he understand I 'don't' like that. "Uhh. No I do, I love 'em!" He still had that sound of nervousness in his eyes and voice. "Luke, I'm not dumb. Why are you scared? The present won't hurt you or something. Do you just not like me or something because I like you!" I think I was getting mad or something because of my tone. I cleared my throat and lowering my tone to normal. "Luke, listen you can tell me. I don't care. Do you just want me to tell you what it is?" I was now a little concerned he didn't like me. Luke cleared his throat and talked smoothly while rubbing my thigh. "I do like you D'Andrea, I like you a lot. But I would like it if you did tell me what it is please."  "It's what you asked for and why you asked for that drink at Starbucks. Don't you remember?"  "Oh yeah! Then listen. I'm a virgin." I couldn't help but giggle. "Luke*giggle* I'm a virgin too*giggle*!" I couldn't help but laugh. He thought I wasn't a virgin then he must think that I am really perfect with a perfect life. Now that was funny! Luke sighed of relief and by the time I started to say something he parked his car in my driveway and came around to open my door. What a gent.

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