VooDoo Doll • Luke Hemmings fanfic

D'Andrea and her best friend Vanessa are in the progress of making a band. They become knownish. One day at the studio they crash into another band with 4 hot guys in it. D'Andrea falls in love with Luke and Luke falls in love with her. Who will be heartbroken? What will happen to D'Andrea and Luke? What will happen to the bands?


3. Luke…

It was now 7:59 pm and Luke knocked on the door and Vanessa ran to her room at my house and I opened the door with my face looking at my feet. He lifted my chin with his finger and looked at me with wide eyes and said "You look… beautiful!" I blushed so hard that I felt it. He said we have about 5 minutes before we have to leave for the movie. So since he had time to mess with me I had time to mess with him. He leaned in and put his lip ring on mine and caressed it then bit my lip because him touching my lip ring turned me on so I bit my lip and ran my finger down his chest grabbing his shirt and pulling him close to me then looking in his eyes and bit my lip then leaned in then pushed him back jumping up saying " It's been 5 minutes lets get o the movies ya little shit!"

We went to a movie theater that was 30 minutes away from my house and it was not your normal movie theater. This movie theater had rooms you could reserve and choose the movie you wanted to watch.

Luke made it the best date ever. He picked a romantic comedy movie. We ended up watching 2 other movie and just cuddling while we stuffed our faces with popcorn. " D'Andrea do you know how beautiful you look like in a dark room with just your face lit up? Because it's really fascinating to look at." Luke said quietly in my ear making me hold my breath from feeling his icy hot breath on my neck. I let out the air and said with a big smirk "Would you like your present now?" He took out his wallet and paid for it and pulled my wrist. "I'm guessing that is a yes!"

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