VooDoo Doll • Luke Hemmings fanfic

D'Andrea and her best friend Vanessa are in the progress of making a band. They become knownish. One day at the studio they crash into another band with 4 hot guys in it. D'Andrea falls in love with Luke and Luke falls in love with her. Who will be heartbroken? What will happen to D'Andrea and Luke? What will happen to the bands?


2. Hey, Why Not?

I was listening to Nirvana and Blink 182 on the way back to the studio and I was hyper and I don't know why but when Spotify did a offer of a song/band I felt weird. I started thinking of Luke and what he said to me. I was thinking hard about it. He just met me like 3 hours ago. I'll admit he is fucking hot! I just don't know if he would treat me right or not I do think he's funny hot respectful and definitely courageous.

I made my mind up and thought why not, so after lunch I told Nessa everything and how I need to find something good and maybe get a different color lip ring just incase I do want him to play later.

As we were leaving the studio Luke was standing in the doorway smirking like a little shit but a really good looking one. "I'm going to get you a new present and you'll like it a lot. Don't forget to finish your coffee our you'll be screwed to death. Literally." I left Luke apparently wanting more and I think he stumbled because there was a loud thud and the boys doubled over laughing.

Me and Vanessa went shopping for tonight and just to get stuff. I just went to Victoria's Secret Hot Topic Forever 21 Wild Bills Old Glory and Zumies. After about an hour I had only about 2 hours to get ready before Luke arrived at my house at 8 pm sharp.

We went back to my house and Vanessa wanted to see what I was wearing and all that stuff. I already knew what I was wearing for the bottom half and I needed Vanessa's opinion on what to wear on the top. I showed her a Nirvana shirt with tiny holes and a leather jacket or a Ramones Muscle tank with a lace bandeau. She lied the bandeau muscle tank and leather jacket on the bed. I looked in the mirror and I was wearing what Vanessa picked out and black skinny jeans with rips in them so you could see my lace flower tights with my dark brown hair with blue tips curled and black dramatic eyeliner and my grey lip ring.

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