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15. Jack and jack doing it right

Yeah, I'm doin' it right  [x2]

Okay, your momma's talking' to ya sayin' clean up the basement
While the money's talkin' to me, that's personification
Paper in my hand til the day that I'm finished
And yeah, a hater's just a fan that is scared to admit it
But I get it
A preconceived notion that you can't like us cause your friends don't
You generic like a number 2 pencil
Eventually you would be blowin' on the whistle
That YMCA leaves every Sunday with your kin folk
I'm comin' around the mountain
I'm just findin' my way
And all I really wanna do in life is make someone's day
And get paid from time to time
With that I'm tryin' to say, is that I can't see why you hatin' when I'm just doin' my thing

I don't give a damn about what you say
Whatever comes out your mouth, those are meaningless words that I don't worry about (shut em out)
I don't give a damn about what you say
I'm just livin' my life
You hatin' on the internet while I'm catchin' my flight.
I'm doin' it right
Doin' it right  [x6]
Yeah I'm doin' it right  [x2]

Alright, yeah, we been singin' and rappin' since back in pre-school
Just tryna make the money at the rate the thieves do
Millions of eyes on me, feelin' like I'm see-through
I see through your bullshit
Trust me, I don't need you (no I don't)
No braggin', no boasting, no I don't pretend
Always stay grounded like a bad kid on the weekend
You hate me? Oh well
Top floor suite, hotel
You down and out sittin on your couch while I'm happy as Pharrell
That's for real (that's for real)

No a damn I don't give one
We gon' get this money while we're still young, yeah
While we're still young
No a damn I don't give one
We gon' get this money while we're still young
While we're still young, yeah

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