Worng number

Hey my names Brooke Hull. My best friend Hanna just got her first kiss so I thought I should call her so I called her but this weird guy answered the phone.
That phone convo changed everything I mean everything


1. intro

Hi my name is Brooke hall and I'm a regular girl but guys always whistle and ask me out I've always said no my friend on the other hand her name is Hanna she's never kissed a guy they've tried to kiss her but she said no. She's been dating this guy named christian she says " her my soul mate I know it" I end up saying "we're only 17 we don't know what true love is.

Anyhow I am in love I mean in love with 5 seconds of summer my room is like not even a room it's a 5sos camber I've been to 16 concerts of there's it makes me feel weird cause I end up talking with ashton or Calum mostly ashton were really close..

Hey new book got kinda broad I have to wait for a few more characters for double Crosser so if u new any one that wouldn't mind being a sister or a girlfriend yo some 1D boys tell me please will hope u like see ya

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