My step brother

Taylor is a sixteen year old girl, who just found out that her dad got remarried, and that she now has a brother. After being an only child, and having no mom her entire life, she has to adjust to her new family. But when her parents find out what her and her step brother did while her parents were on vacation, taylor has to find ways to cover it up, and make sure no one finds out. With her step brother being famous, and super protective, she has to convince him they are not dating, and he is not her father. How will she ever survive her new life?


54. Tattoo

Taylor's POV

"So, mom, since I'm eighteen, and since I can do whatever I want, I was wondering if I could get a tattoo?" I asked. "Of course. Just nothing dirty or gross." She replied. I laughed.

When I arrived at the tattoo shop, I heard the needles going. Made me cringe a little. "Hi, mrs. Can I help you?" A women asked. "Um, I would like a tattoo." I said. "Follow me." She said, leading me to a chair.

What would you like?" She asked. "Can I get the names, Luke and Isabelle on my wrist?" I asked. "Sure." She replied. "Script or regular? Black or colored?" She asked. "Script, and black please." I replied. "Alright." She replied.

"Luke is done, no we go to Isabelle. Are you doing alright?" She said. "Yes, I'm fine thank you." I replied. "Is your name Isabelle?" She asked. "Um. No. Isabelle is my daughters name." I replied. "Oh, how old." She asked. "She um. Never was born. I had a miscarriage the first time." I replied. "I'm so sorry." She said. "It's fine. Me and my boyfriend are happy." I replied with a smile. "Is Luke your boyfriend?" She asked. I nodded.

Calum's POV

I was going to the tattoo shop, when I saw Taylor in the window. I walked in, and she was talking about Luke.

"Hey, taylor." I said. "Is this the Luke?" The lady asked. "No, this is Calum. Luke is at home." Taylor replied. "Here, I got this." Taylor said, showing me her wrists. "Luke and Isabelle. Cute." I replied. "Thank you so much." Taylor said. "Oh, no problem. Have an amazing life with Luke." The lady replied.

"So, I'm guessing you and Luke made up?" I asked. "Yea. We are good now." She replied. "Hey, can I come over? Luke told me I could, but I didn't want to intrude." I said. "Sure. Did you walk here?" She asked. I nodded. "Get in." She said. I smiled and got in the car.

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