My step brother

Taylor is a sixteen year old girl, who just found out that her dad got remarried, and that she now has a brother. After being an only child, and having no mom her entire life, she has to adjust to her new family. But when her parents find out what her and her step brother did while her parents were on vacation, taylor has to find ways to cover it up, and make sure no one finds out. With her step brother being famous, and super protective, she has to convince him they are not dating, and he is not her father. How will she ever survive her new life?


1. intro

Hi. I'm Taylor Fray, I'm sixteen years old, and I just found out my dad got remarried. My dad hasn't been the best dad in the world, he is always working, always out, and he's barely ever home. He says his work is 'important' but aren't I more important? My mom left when I was just born. My dad says I look a lot like her. I look at pictures of my mom, but I don't see it.

I'm an only child, or at least I was, until my dad got remarried, now I have an older brother. Yay so excited(I'm being sarcastic). I go to high school blah blah blah. All the boring shit.

I have blond hair, and blue eyes. I'm 5'4, and skinny. I have my belly button pierced, and my nose pierced, and I recently got my tongue pierced.

I live in California, with my dad(of course). I live in a mansion. My room is painted pink with zebra curtains, and a zebra bed. My room has it's own bathroom, and balcony. Basically, I can do anything I want to do in my house. Well, I used to, as of right now, we are on the plane going to fucking Australia. Great.

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