My step brother

Taylor is a sixteen year old girl, who just found out that her dad got remarried, and that she now has a brother. After being an only child, and having no mom her entire life, she has to adjust to her new family. But when her parents find out what her and her step brother did while her parents were on vacation, taylor has to find ways to cover it up, and make sure no one finds out. With her step brother being famous, and super protective, she has to convince him they are not dating, and he is not her father. How will she ever survive her new life?


56. He Hurt Me

Luke's POV

There was a knock on the door. Taylor, Ben, Jack and I were home. Ben and Jack live with us now. Anyway, I got up from the couch.

I opened the door, to a brown haired, and brown eyed guy. "Who are you?" He asked. "I'm Luke. Who are you?" I asked. "I'm Tyler." He replied. Tyler. Tyler. Where did I hear that name?

"Tyler?" Someone asked behind me. "Taylor. Baby." Tyler said walking inside. "Don't call me that." She said. "I miss you baby." He said. "I don't." She replied.

Taylor's POV

"Who gave you this address?" I asked. "Your cousin." He replied. Daniel!!!! "Luke can you give us a minute?" I asked. He nodded. "Just make sure someone is listening." I whispered into Luke's ear. He nodded.

"I miss you baby." Tyler said. "I don't." I replied. He looked at me, with anger in his amazing... No! Taylor! No! "I may have let you back in. But I changed. I'm not that girl anymore. I'm different now." I said. "Look at you. You haven't changed one bit. The taylor I know is still in there." He said.

"Ty, you hurt me so much. I still have nightmares. You can't just come back into my life, like nothing happened." I said. "I know that. Please. Give me another chance." He said. I shook my head. "I gave you four chances. You proved me wrong every time. I'm-" "listen to me," he said. "You will take me back! You will!" He yelled, grabbing my wrists and holding them tightly.

"Is he bothering you?" Someone asked. "Don't come any closer!" Tyler yelled, pulling out a pocket knife, and holding it against my throat. I gasped, as I felt the cold metal hit my skin. "Okay. Okay. I'm backing away." Jack said. "What's... Gotten into you?" I asked. Tyler didn't say anything, he just stood there, with the knife against my throat.

Tyler tied Jack and I up, and he went upstairs. "Are you alright?" Jack whispered. I nodded. "I'm worried about Luke though. And Ben." I whispered.

Tyler came back down, throwing Luke on the ground next to me. He was bleeding a little, but soon, he started to bleed even more. "Relax. I only punched him." Tyler said, untying me, and putting Luke in my chair.

"Now, you will all see her... Die." Tyler said "No we won't." Someone said behind me. "Ben!" I yelled. Tyler turned around, and held me with him. "Stay away." Tyler said. "You know I can't do that." Ben said.

Tyler, look. I know you never meant to hurt taylor. It was all a mistake." He said. Tyler nodded. "You won't get her back by killing her. Now will you?" Ben said. Tyler looked at me. "You know what you did was wrong. And we know you want to make it up. But, this. This isn't the way." He said.

"Tyler. Drop the knife." Ben said. Tyler looked at me, then back at Ben. "Come on. Drop it." Ben said. Tyler let the knife fall, and then he dropped me to the floor.

"Shhh. It's alright. It's alright." Ben said. He got up, and untied Luke and jack, who came to me. Luke held me in his arms, rocking me back and forth. "It's alright. You're safe now." Luke said. I kept crying.

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