My step brother

Taylor is a sixteen year old girl, who just found out that her dad got remarried, and that she now has a brother. After being an only child, and having no mom her entire life, she has to adjust to her new family. But when her parents find out what her and her step brother did while her parents were on vacation, taylor has to find ways to cover it up, and make sure no one finds out. With her step brother being famous, and super protective, she has to convince him they are not dating, and he is not her father. How will she ever survive her new life?


9. Fight

Luke's POV

Mum and Scott came home last week, all happy. But now, they are back to being parents. "Luke. Can you clean under your bed for me Hun?" Mum asked. "Uh yea sure." I replied. "Here, I'll get started for you." She said going under the bed. "Um. Luke. Who's are these?" She asked holding a pair of hot pink underwear in her hand. "Luke I need-" taylor said walking into my room. "Luke who's are these." Mum said again. I looked at taylor, who looked at me. "Both of you. Down stairs. Now." Mum said. I walked out of my room with taylor. "I thought you said there was nothing left." She whispered. "I checked my entire room. I guess I missed a pair." I said laughing. "Luke this is serious." She said. I nodded.

"So, who do they belong to." Mum said. I looked at taylor. "Well, one of you has to tell me." She said. Taylor sighed. "They're mine." She said. "W-what." Mum said.

Taylor's POV

"Hey babe." Dad said coming into the house. "Uh oh. What happened now." He said. "I found a pair of Taylor's underwear under Luke's bed." My step mom said. "Taylor. Please don't tell me it's not true." He said. I looked to the floor. "Taylor Allyson fray." He said. "Luke. You know your punishment. Taylor stay down here." My step mom said.

"Taylor. You're grounded." My step mom said. "What! You can't ground me." I said. "Oh yes I can. And I will!" She said. "You can't! You're not my mother!" I yelled. "Taylor Allyson!" Dad said. "Shes not! And she never will be!" I yelled. "I never had a mother, and I never had a real dad either!" I yelled. "I should've left you at the adoption center when I had the chance." He said. My mouth dropped, and so did my step moms. "Scott." She said. "Moo. I didn't mean-" "don't." I said crying and running up the stairs.

Yes Taylor was adopted.

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