My step brother

Taylor is a sixteen year old girl, who just found out that her dad got remarried, and that she now has a brother. After being an only child, and having no mom her entire life, she has to adjust to her new family. But when her parents find out what her and her step brother did while her parents were on vacation, taylor has to find ways to cover it up, and make sure no one finds out. With her step brother being famous, and super protective, she has to convince him they are not dating, and he is not her father. How will she ever survive her new life?


13. Asshole

Luke's POV

"Luke go tell taylor and her friend dinner is ready please." Mum said. I nodded and walked down the stairs. When I got down the stairs, I saw taylor and Sean kissing.

"Ehum." I said. Taylor turned to me. "Luke I-" "dinner is ready." I said looking at Sean. He looked nervous. I walked away.

When taylor got upstairs, Sean sat down, and taylor came over by me. "After this, we need to talk." She said into my ear. "I don't think we do." I replied. "Yes we do. And I don't care what you say, but we need to talk." She said. I rolled my eyes, and sat down.

Taylor's POV

"So Sean, tell me about you." Dad said. He's always over protective. "Well, I'm seventeen, I just moved from New York City, I have two younger sisters, my mom is remarried, and I work at a Starbucks." He said. My dad smiled, and so did my step mom, but Luke, just stared at him.

"Was the kiss nice?" Luke asked. I spit my drink out. "Luke." My step mom said. "I want to hear her answer, since shes so into trying new things with other people." He said. "Sean, I think it's best if you leave." Dad said. He nodded, kissing my head, and left. Luke got up, and I followed.

"What the hell is wrong with you!" I yelled as I closed his door. "I just think it's funny how you seem like you love one person, but then you kiss another guy." He said. "We aren't a couple Luke. We will never will be. You are my brother. Not my boyfriend. You can't tell me who I can see, and I can and can't date." I said. "A slut like you, doesn't need to be watched over by someone like me." He said. A tear rolled down my face. "Tay I-" "Don't. Since a slut like me doesn't need you to watch over me, there is no reason why I should stay here then." I replied walking out the room.

I slammed my door closed, and called Calum.

Cal: hey tay.

Tay: cal. Can I come stay with you?

Cal: is everything okay?

Tay: no. I just need a place to stay tonight. Please.

Cal: of course. Yeah. Come on over.

Tay: thanks.

I got off the phone, and started packing a little bag.

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