Olympus High

At Olympus High all hell has broken loose. For the first time in centuries, the highest gods; Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades, are stepping down to let the next generation take control. And they're fighting each other for it. Well, everybody but Xenia, Jessica, and Pierce. Pierce wants to finally rule Olympus; Hades trained him all his life to do so. Cassie is Olympus's prized jewel, strange with her being Poseidon's daughter. And she expects to beat everyone. Since Xenia's the daughter of Zeus, she isn't scared at all. She knows she's the best. Well that changes when she and a student go head to head and she loses. In this enchanted thriller showing the views of Xenia and Pierce, everyone is wondering; who will win?


2. Chapter Two- Pierce Son of Hades

Pierce Son of Hades

I sit on the crudely carved chair just for me, resting my feet on the dark black table. I watch fire dance across my palm, a lazy smile on my face. "Pierce, get your feet off the table." My mother Persephone, appears in front of me, a bowl of pomegranates in her hand, the other on her hip. I roll my eyes. "You're only my mother for half a year, you don't tell me what to do." I chuckle and she gasps. "Pierce Arktus Son of Hades-" "Exactly." I grin. "Son of Hades." Her cheeks flush a deep red and she glares at me. I reply with a smirk. "Pierce, get your feet off the table and listen to your mother." A deep voice booms. I growl under my breath and drop my feet, sulking. "She's not even my mother." I mutter under my breath. Tears fill her eyes and she drops the bowl on the table, running up the steps and down the hall. I bite my lip. I hated making my mother cry. I know I'm the Son of Hades and that I shouldn't care, but I do. I don't mean half the things I say to her, but it isn't my fault that she's so sensitive. My father Hades walks towards me slowly from the other side of the room, stirring something in a black mug. "Must you always make her so upset? When you do that I'm the one that has to cheer her up, and we both know that's not my area of expertise." I sink deeper into the chair, causing my auburn hair to fall over my eyes. "Is that shame in your eyes? Sometimes I wonder how you're my son and then I see how you rebel." He stops and thinks for a moment. "For your information, Persephone is in fact your mother. You have her hair and her......compassion." He squints at me, making me squirm in my seat. "Stop upsetting your mother. That's not a request- it's an order. This is the last time I will have this conversation with you. Now go apologize to her and get off to school. I have things to do." I roll my eyes and stand up, walking to my mom's favorite room- The Library. A fire crackles in the center and she has a book in her lap, but she isn't reading it, just staring at the flames. She screams and hurls something towards the flames. They roar up and I lunge to control them when they stop. It was like she was in a ball- the fire tried to envelop her, but it didn't succeed. "You bastard." She whispers, smiling. "You can't kill me, I'm trapped here. My son can control the flames and you can't hurt him either." The flame dies back to its usual flicker, and I scramble away from the room and out the door. What was wrong with my mother?

I had made it to school, this time without the stench of the underworld. I stumble onto the pebbles, shaking off the embers and bits of fire. "There's Pierce. He crawled up from the depths of hell himself." Lily and and her stupid friend Carey laugh at me, pointing. "Aw, he's blushing." Lily walks forward and touches my cheek before quickly retracting her hand. I smile when I see the burn on her fingertips. "Bye Satan." I narrow my eyes as they walk away, cackling. Lily was the daughter of Artemis. It gave me pleasure to know that she'll never get married, but still pissed me off the fact that she had powers. "Hey, Pierce!" My best friend Oliver claps me on the back. He was the son of Hecate, goddess of magic and the undead. It kind of made sense how he was my friend. "Have they made it yet?" I ask, referring to the kids of the three greats- Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. Well I mean I already was here, but I'm talking about the others. Right on cue, thunder cackles in the sky, accompanied with a lightning bolt. "Speaking of......" Oliver drags on. Bouncing down the pebbles was none other than Xenia, Daughter of Zeus. She was the first in over ten generation that his child was a girl. It seemed so off to me, that the most powerful God produced such a vain girl. She was going to rule Olympus one day, and that made me even angrier. Why should she rule? What about me? What if I wanted to do it too? Cecelia scrambles over the pebbles to link arms with Xenia. Cecelia was absolutely beautiful with long dark locks and bright blue eyes. But she was also the dumbest of her lot of siblings, and she gets taken advantage of, well until Xenia hears about it. Since the bell had not rung yet, she turns and sits on a rock, Cecelia at her feet. I roll my eyes. "Next up......" I mutter. The next Grand Entrance was Jessica, Daughter of Poseidon. She was riding on water, water dragons lashing water all over the place. I brush a stray droplet off my shoulder, growling under my breath. For the first time since Freshman year, none other than Poseidon himself sat in the chariot behind her. He leans forward, gathering some of her hair in his hand and presses his lips to her forehead. Pure love was in his movements. Hades never treated me like that. By the longing look on Xenia's face, Zeus hadn't treated her like that either. She waves bye and he dives back down through the clouds. Jessica wore a blue dress of different shades that looked like it was flowing down her body. On her head was a heavy silver crown with a blue trident in the center. To me it was tacky the fact that her father's trident was a glowing gold while hers was a vibrant blue. Around her waist was a heavy silver belt that was weaved in a pattern. On her feet were glass slippers and she smirks at her crowd of admirers, hand on her hip. Without the goddess get up, Jessica was simply pretty. But the dress brought out the blue in her eyes I never quite noticed before and the red highlights in her light brown hair. While everyone was scared of Xenia and backed away, everyone flocked to Jessica immediately like she was a magnet. Oliver follows her, like usual, leaving me behind. I shove my hands into the pockets of my leather jacket and walk towards the building, leaning against it. The grass was singed black where I walked up, but there was something protecting the school. I didn't do anything to it. I look up and see Xenia, playing with a curl of her hair. Cecelia must've went up to the crowd that was enveloping Jessica. Xenia was staring after Jessica with not envy but......longing. Again. Xenia must get no attention- everyone knows she exists, but no one really acknowledges it. She suddenly turns and stares right into my eyes. I hold her gaze for a moment before looking away, feeling out of breath for a second. I press a hand against the school for support, breathing hard. The bell rings overhead and everyone scampers inside Olympus High as do I, right behind Xenia.

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