Olympus High

At Olympus High all hell has broken loose. For the first time in centuries, the highest gods; Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades, are stepping down to let the next generation take control. And they're fighting each other for it. Well, everybody but Xenia, Jessica, and Pierce. Pierce wants to finally rule Olympus; Hades trained him all his life to do so. Cassie is Olympus's prized jewel, strange with her being Poseidon's daughter. And she expects to beat everyone. Since Xenia's the daughter of Zeus, she isn't scared at all. She knows she's the best. Well that changes when she and a student go head to head and she loses. In this enchanted thriller showing the views of Xenia and Pierce, everyone is wondering; who will win?


3. Chapter Three- Xenia Daughter of Zeus


"Why was he staring at me?" I was sitting at lunch with Cecelia, Valencia, and Nicolette. They look confused and Cecelia swallows a bite of salad before speaking. "Pierce." She explains, pointing her fork across the cafeteria to the leather clad boy sitting at the table next to the windows, his sidekicks Oliver and Copper across from him. I could feel his heat from here. "Uh, he's from Satan, duh. He crawls up from depths of hell everyday and sits in our classrooms we all know he's a little off his rocker." Nicolette raises her perfectly plucked eyebrows as she takes a sip of her iced tea. Cecelia dissolves into giggles and Valencia smiles. Nicolette was the daughter of Nike, so she basically won everything- she wasn't scared of anybody or anything. I roll my eyes. "It's not the fact that he was looking at me because everyone looks at me, but the way he looked at me, Nicolette. Gosh, you should've seen it." I lean back with a sigh in my chair, pulling at a loose thread on my dress. The table is silent and I look up. Utter shock was on their faces. "What?" I sit up immediately, glancing at Valencia. "Daughter of Athena, you're supposed to be smart, what's wrong?" I urge her. Her brown eyes were huge and she takes a breath to reply when Cecelia chokes out, "You like the spawn of Satan?!" I widen my eyes. "No! Wherever did you get that idea?" "Well it does look like it." Nicolette interjects. "You guys are insane!" I gasp. "It kind of makes sense though." Valencia was looking over at Pierce, slowly stirring her cocoa. "How?!" Cecelia and Nicolette say at the same time. She rolls her eyes and sighs. "Their parents are some of the most powerful people in Olympus, and they have a very powerful connection and history. Of course their children are going to feel something." "That's why they've had boys all these generations." Nicolette says in a hushed tone. "They knew about the connections. Something like this had to have happened before. That's why......you and Jessica are girls. First it was you, so Poseidon had a daughter, and they were planning for Hades to have a girl too. But Hades wanted his generation to finally rule. So he went against what Poseidon and Zeus said and made.....Pierce." The table sits in silent awe for a moment before Cecelia starts laughing. "That can't be possible! You guys are delusional. They can't even think that far!" "How on earth could we expect the daughter of Aphrodite to possibly understand what all of this could mean." Nicolette says lowly. Cecelia pushes back and runs out of the cafeteria. "See? Look what you did Nicolette!" I step back to go after her when Valencia grabs my wrist. "You could be the one who finally does it." She whispers. "You.....you could overthrow Olympus." I stare at her in shock. "No. No. Not me." "Listen to me Xenia. It's your fate! And up here, there's no escaping your fate. You or Jessica is fated to be with that boy and rule! So it's up to you- which one of you is it gonna be?" I send an electric current through my body, electrocuting her hand. She jerks back violently, staring up at me in shock. I turn around and march away. Who was she to tell me my fate when I didn't even know it myself! But......could she be right?

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