Olympus High

At Olympus High all hell has broken loose. For the first time in centuries, the highest gods; Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades, are stepping down to let the next generation take control. And they're fighting each other for it. Well, everybody but Xenia, Jessica, and Pierce. Pierce wants to finally rule Olympus; Hades trained him all his life to do so. Cassie is Olympus's prized jewel, strange with her being Poseidon's daughter. And she expects to beat everyone. Since Xenia's the daughter of Zeus, she isn't scared at all. She knows she's the best. Well that changes when she and a student go head to head and she loses. In this enchanted thriller showing the views of Xenia and Pierce, everyone is wondering; who will win?


1. Chapter One- Xenia Daughter of Zeus

Xenia Daughter of Zeus

I try to concentrate. I feel my hair begin to unravel from the complicated fishtail I had mastered that morning, the heavy gold wreath of leaves around my head fastening into my blonde hair. I shut out everything when I hear a voice.


My eyes pop open and lighting shoots out from my hands, shattering the pillars in front of me. Cheeks red, I take off the gold headband I'm only supposed to use at ceremonies and replace it with my usual wreath of green leaves. I hike up my dress and stumble over the marble pillars, running towards my father. I was late. Again. For the life of me, I absolutely did not understand why my father insisted on me going to school. I understood everything, and all the children that went there were amateurs. Like me, they were also sons and daughters of Gods and Goddesses. And it sucked. Some of them barely knew what they were doing and were extremely reckless while others were pompous because they were from powerful descent. I held a special hatred for the very few of my peers that had both a god and a goddess as parents. Several kids attempt to take on each other everyday to see who had better powers. Kids with godly parents of lower strength or unknown were casted off to the side. I thought the entire ordeal was socially degrading. Also, you got special treatment from the teachers and authority if your parents was especially powerful. Even though I had Zeus and Hera as my parents, I was secretly afraid of the children from Poseidon, Hades, and Medusa. They were very unpredictable, and usually had siblings.


My father shouts again, rumbling the ground and causing me to stumble. I regain my footing as I sit at the round dinner table, positioning my anklet. I was the only next generation child from Zeus, and he didn't even want me. My entire existence was purely an accident, and he had planned to kill me when I was child. He would've succeeded if my mother hadn't got all the gods to rebel against him. I don't think he's quite forgiven her for that yet.

"Father, I still don't understand why you choose to enroll me at that draining school. That's an insult to my talents."

I place a hand on my chest in mock offense.

"Xenia, you may be talented my dear, but your powers are unhinged. You are not in control. You lack efficiency and power, therefore I will continue to send you to that school."

I scowl, sitting back in my chair, causing the wreath on my head to slide towards my nose. He lifts his finger and I feel a tingling sensation on my head. I bring my hand up to my hair and feel the weight of the gold crown with a lighting bolt in the center.

"You cannot go to school without everyone knowing who you came from and what you're capable of."

He boasts, grinning proudly. He lifts his finger again and a shimmering white dress cascades down my body with gold cuffs on my wrists. He pairs it with gold gladiator sandals that twist up to my knees, unraveling my braid and replacing it with heavy curls. He always made me look like a goddess.

"Xenia, one day you will rule Olympus. I just want you and your powers to be ready for that."

"But what about Hades and Poseidon's children? Won't they want it too?"

He narrows his eyes.

"Xenia you are better than them. You mustn't worry. Now off you go- I have things to do, and school isn't going to wait on you."

I get out of my seat and rush over to my father, planting a kiss on his cheek and curtsying before dashing out to the courtyard.

I sit in the golden chariot and my dad's servant Abel snaps the reins, carrying me into the sky. I look over the side of the chariot at the clouds. I reach my hand down and as the chariot goes on, sunlight falls from my palm onto the surface below. Within the next ten minuets, the chariot pulls up to my wretched school, Olympus High. It loomed into the sky like a castle, resting on a set of multi colored clouds. He pulls up to the front gold pebbles and I take a deep breath, smiling.

"See you later Abel!"

He smiles and snaps the reins, flying away. I crackle lightning into my palms, taking a deep breath before walking down the path. Thunder crackles over head, a lightning bolt slicing the sky, signaling my arrival. I walk down the center, the wind blowing my hair and ruffling my dress. Everybody immediately got out of the way when they saw me walking. It didn't matter to me anymore- I was used to it.


My best friend Cecelia, Daughter of Aphrodite, links her arm through mine.

"Man I love your entrances they never get old!"

She giggles, tossing her dark brown hair. I look up and see Pierce staring hard at me, golden eyes blazing. I look away, face flaming. What was that?

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