Im Not Waiting Around For Prince Charming..

HI my name is Gemma Hayworth and I'm going to show you the realistic picture of High School. Without the happy ending maybe but maybe not.


1. Prolouge

   Have you ever heard the words "worthless, ugly, fat, stupid and nobody wants you," well I have. I have heard it everyday. Whether its around me or towards me. I'm not popular or skinny so I guess I'm abnormal, according to society. I'm very different from what they call a "normal teenager." I love school but at the same time I love punk rock. I'm smart, but make idiotic choices. My parents aren't really normal considering that I have two moms. Anyways we are not rich, but we are not poor either. I don't have the latest phone nor do I have the latest clothes. At the same time I don't really care. I don't need to have all those things. Me and my "friends" are all very different from each other. We all think and act differently. They mostly think about boys, drugs, and mostly not going to class. While I on the other hand like thinking logically and actually think about the situation I am in and analyze everything. My real friends say I'm a computer. I have been there through every problem they had have, but at the end of the day they talk behind my back.

   My real friends Stacey and Eli tell me. I act like I got over that and its part of the past, but I really does hurt. I have many doubts on why I'm still there, but I guess that I still have the slightest hope that they will change. But hay I got of topic a lot. If you haven't noticed I get distracted easily. Anyways my name is Gemma Tris Hayworth. I'm sixteen and live in Homels Chapel. I go to the Institute of Fine Arts. I'm a music major in my school. I got in with a scholar ship. The thing is my school is formatted to get us ready for college, but we are in high school.

   Me, Stacey, and Eli have so much fun there. So do my other friends. Even though they almost never go to class. I try to make them go encouraging them with college and things but the don't listen so most of the time I give up, they also hate me for trying to do that. I mean they are rich and their parents don't really care. I on the other hand am a nerd, but hay at least I'm going to work for myself because trust me I'm not waiting for price charming to come and save me.

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