Im Not Waiting Around For Prince Charming..

HI my name is Gemma Hayworth and I'm going to show you the realistic picture of High School. Without the happy ending maybe but maybe not.


2. New KId and Bi***es

   For the last 45 minutes I have been in my science class, and I cant wait for the bell to ring. Don't get me wrong I love science, since we are learning astronomy. Nut my next class is music. That's the only class I can be myself. In that class I let go of the walls I have and truly believe that I can do my very best. Also, my teacher Mrs. Anna is very nice. She let's us know where we need to improve and she let's us get out of class early. The bell rang and I got up and gathered my stuff. I walked down the corridor heading to my most favorite class when I got a call.

" Jay-lo" I answered

" Yellow where are you?" Stacey answered.

Stacey has been my friend since pre-school. My other friends know her and talk to her, but they don't hang out much.

" I'm on my way to class, Why?" I asked

" Ooh good because there is a new guy and he's a music major as well. SO I was going to warn you that he's in your class. So yeah" she said.

"And I should care why?" I asked.

"Because he's cute and sexy..." she started

" and I don't care." I interrupted.

" hay you didn't let me finish I was going to say he's also an arse." She said.

" Some how I knew you were going to say that."  I said.

" Yup so yeah watch out when you see him." She warned.

" ha-ha alright I have to go  I'm almost at my class call you after okay?" I said

" Okay bye I love you bae." she said.

" I love you too bye." I answered.

With that I hung up on her. When I was doing that I bumped into someone and fell on my arse.

"ooowww well then floor if you wanted a hug just ask don't make someone bump me towards the floor." I said.

"Ha-ha-ha really Tris quit talking to the floor." I looked up and saw Eli laughing at me.

Eli was the first one to call me by my middle name so it kind of stayed. I knew him since first grade. He held out his hand to help me up. We had this class together.

" Sorry I was hanging up on Stacey and then the floor decided to have a hug." I said while looking at the floor.

" Ha-ha-ha its fine ready to go in?" he asked

" I mean if the floor has had enough hug's then yes lets go in." I said.

   We walked into class and sat in our regular seats. The bell rang, but Mrs. Anna wasn't there so we talked about our previous class and what-not. While we waited I also told Eli about the guy Stacey was telling me about. When Mrs. Anna walked into class a guy followed her. I have never seen him in the school, so I guessed he was the guy Stacey was talking about. I have to admit he looked cute, but he also looked like a bad boy. He was wearing black skinny jeans, a white crew neck shirt, white vans, and a black leather jacket with the sleeves rolled up. He showed Mrs. Anna a piece of paper. She then looked around the room. Her eyes landed on the empty desk beside me. The guy walked over and sat down. Mrs. Anna cleared her throat and everyone went quiet.

" Students I would like to introduce a new student, his name is Zayn Serrato. He just moved from Bradford." She said.

   The new guy stood up and then sat down. With that the teacher moved on. She told us to get into groups of threes and pick a song for us to sing. Right when she said that I went over to Eli, when we where looking for our third member our teacher called us over to her desk.

" Hey guys can you pair up with Zayn, He doesn't Know anyone here and I don't want him to feel left out." she said.

" Sure" we both answered.

We walked over to Zayn. He looked sad, but quickly recovered when he saw us.

" Hey umm Zayn you want to be with us?" Eli asked

" I mean I guess you guys will do." he said bluntly.

I was gob smacked when he said that. Well there is the attitude Stacey mentioned. I wanted to slap him, but Eli knew and just looked at me with a Stop look. I put on a fake smile.

" Okay then lets get started." I said through gritted teeth.

" Fine with me." Zayn said.

" Okay the, How about we Sing Stay by Rihanna??" He practically yelled.

I laughed but Zayn didn't find it that funny, "dude that's a girl song." he said. I glared at him.

" Well then how about we do Black Widow by Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora?" I asked

"Yeah that's song pretty cool too." Eli said.

"I mean I guess." Zayn said

 I looked at him shocked, but he looked at me and winked. I got weirded out so we decided to start the song. Eli and Zayn took out their phone to look at the lyrics. I just scooted close to Eli to look at the lyrics. I looked up and saw Zayn with a jealous face, but it was gone as soon as I saw it.  I ignored it because I knew that Eli was gay. We decided who was going to sing what. Twenty minutes later we had practiced the song 10 times and had preformed. Mrs. Anna gave us an A. 



 We listened to the rest of our class preform. Stella, the girl who hates my guts, and her group decided to sing Stay. Me and Eli looked at each other I knew that she was trying to be better then me. After everyone went on we were almost done with class so Mrs. Anna let us talk for the last few minutes. Me and Eli turned towards each other.

" So what do you think her intention was?" Eli asked

" Get Zayn's attention because he likes her" I said

I pointed towards Stella who was all over Zayn in a corner of the classroom.

" Eeww why don't they get a room?" Eli asked.

"Because Eli, she thinks she owns the whole schools she can do what ever she wants to." I answered.

" So what's that have to do with anything?" he asked

" I stopped asking that question a long time ago you know I just go on with my way without trying to socialize with any of them like anyone else would." I said.

We talked for a few more minuets until the bell rang. I got up and grabbed all my things. I walked out with Eli.

"Bye Tris got another class right now." Eli said.

"Bye Eli I'll tell Stacey you said HI." I said.

" Kay-Kay I love you." he yelled down the hall.

" Love you too." I yelled after him.

 With that I walked towards the cafeteria to meet up with Stacey and the rest of my friends.




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