Im Not Waiting Around For Prince Charming..

HI my name is Gemma Hayworth and I'm going to show you the realistic picture of High School. Without the happy ending maybe but maybe not.


3. Cafeteria.....Yummy Food......Not

   I walked downstairs to the cafeteria. I passed by my locker and put my books away.  When I walked into the cafeteria I saw Stacey and the other girls. I walked over and greeted them.

" So how was class with the hot newbie?" Tiffany asked.

" Well I had to partner up with him on a project good thing was that I also was with Eli anyways he was a complete arsehole. I swear to god I wanted to punch him." I said.

" well we all know what that means, he's perfect match for me because he annoys Gemma." Tiffany said with a smirk.

" I mean I guess. Anyways what are we going to eat?" Valery said.

"OOh my money so yeah Ill stay here." I said looking at Stacey. She understood me.

" Yeah me too. We are going to stay here." She said.

"Well then okay ill see you later kay?" Alex said.

" yeah." me and Stacey said.

When they left we waited a while.

" You know she is so hulking skinny but all she eats' is junk food I wonder why?" Stacey said.

"you know why." I said.

"Oh yeah." She said.

   Alex was anorexic. When I found out it was to late. One day I called her and she told me she went to the hospital and that the doctors had diagnosed her with bulimia. That day was the worst. I wanted to go over but It was a school night so I couldn't but my mom said I could go the next day. I couldn't wait to talk to her about it. The next day my mom didn't let me. So my other friend Olivia went with Alex's boyfriend and her boyfriend. At the time I dated a guy named Kyle. He didn't get home that day and his mom came to look for him at my home. I was worried bout all of them. But then Alex called me telling me she didn't want the pain anymore and that she wanted to kill herself. I was their literally crying and begging her not to do anything I also tried Olivia. That day was the worst. Anyways I was 13 when that happened so three years ago. I still think she hasn't recovered yet.

" So lets go to McDonalds I have 20." I said.

" I have 20 too." Stacey said.

" Let's go Pig out." I said.

   If you were wondering why we lied to the other girls, it was because the other girls always went to a very expensive place. So me and Stacey went out to McDonalds or Nandos. We went to Stacey's car and went of into the shops.

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