Adopted by o2l

Hello im Nicole but I like to be called Nikki that picture up there is how I look like I'm 13 Oh!!! I forgot I'm a orphan but I get adopt by this losers who are called O2L so follow me around my craycray adventure


2. chapter 2

~Ricky Pov~

I've started thinking that I should adopt a daughter we want a girl who's fun and a great personality

Let's go kian said

Alright I said

---------at the orphanage--------

~Nikki pov~

While me and tyler get ready I brush my hair while he puts on his favorite T-shirt I put on my SnapBack that says obey and put on my white converse

Ty(nickname for tyler) you ready I said

Yea tyler said

We walked downstairs hand in hand as we walk in we saw 6 guys they were talking to miss Briggs aka the devil we sat down

When we sat down and we waited

Tyler you are next miss Briggs said

Tyler got up and walked in the room that's when miss Briggs walked over me

You do know nobody wants you she said

I beg to differ I said

You will be my new punching bag she said

In front of people I said

Your next she said

Bye I said while walk in

Ty walked past while he mouthed crush it

I nodded while walking in

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