Adopted by o2l

Hello im Nicole but I like to be called Nikki that picture up there is how I look like I'm 13 Oh!!! I forgot I'm a orphan but I get adopt by this losers who are called O2L so follow me around my craycray adventure


1. chapter 1

~Nikki pov~

Nikki come hurry up people are coming said my best friend tyler

I got and put my my oversized t-shirt with a a heart and my black and white tribal legging

Why do we care it's not like they want us any way I said

But this could be our chance tyler said

Me and tyler never got adopted because every one wanted cute little babies and tyler never got adopted because well........... He's gay

I never judge him well because one I love him and he's been with me since the beginning

Well you know they want babies I said

But one day a family will take us out of this place we call hell and give us a loving home tyler said

Well hopefully I said

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