Black and Blue

Grace is a kid that doesn't like rules. No matter how miner they are she will hate them unless she made them. That is just who she is. Grace thinks differently to everyone else. She has weird traits and strange habits, but her best mates love her for who she is.


3. trees, new ideas and now im running late...

I head down the stairs and out the back door. Im and adventurous person, I love being outdoors. I walk to the back of the yard. At the back is a large weeping willow tree. Weeping willows are my favourite types of tree, I don’t know why, I think it is because it is kind of like a mysteries. The branches are so thick that the ground underneath them never gets wet. I never have to water the tree because the roots are massive of a willow.


I walk up and under the thick branches of the tree and inside. I have created like a house inside. As you walk in there is an old table that my mum didn’t want any more, a chair that was from my dad’s old study, a small book self that I made by the trunk, books on the self (only some history, wildlife and Japanese tutorial books.). Also there is an old rug in the middle of the space.


I have this as my little place to escape to when Miss Mary is going off her tree at me.


I go and sit on the chair by the table and rest my head on the back of the chair, looking up. The branches are thick and are about 3m above the ground and are close together. I look at all the branches, they are all fanning out at around the same level and are flat enough. I then get an idea.


I stand up and go out the branches and I run to the garden shed behind the hedge. I unlock the slide pin and open the door. I walk in and look around, these a bench, draws and shelf on the wall. I walk over to the bench and look for a hammer and nails, I find them and walk over to the draws. I open the first two and find nothing I need, I open the last and find a paint brush and about 15m of rope. I grab the brush and the rope and head to the shelf. On the shelf I find all different paint colours and wood lacquers. I grab the wood lacquer titled; ‘Early America Stain’. I run back to the tree and inside, careful not to drop anything. I then run back to the shed and lock the latch, I then walk around the other side and open the wooden door of the scraps shed, it doesn’t had a latch just a normal door handle. I walk in a look around for what I need. I spot different size pieces of wood. I pick up wood planks that are about 2m long and carry them back to the tree.


I look up at the tree. I pick up the rope and walk over to the table. I sit in the chair and open the wooden box on the table. Inside is a pocket knife, box of matchers, 2 pens, a little black rope bag that hold fifty dollars, and a box of Panadol. The box is for things I may need if something happens. I grab the knife and start cutting the rope. I then tie it together and create a rope ladder.


Once I was finished I throw the rope onto one of the branches, it took three goes to get it up so it won’t fall. I grab the chair and place it against the trunk and stand on it. I still can’t reach the lowest branch, so I jump and grab the branch and fling myself up the side and sit on the branch. I grab the ladder and tie is with a triple knot around one of the branches. I then let the end fall, it swings then gently comes to a stop. I yank the ropes hard to test their strengths, they stay attached. So I turn around and start to climb down the ladder. I get to the last rung then step to the floor. I begin to take the planks and climb the ladder one at a time till I reach the top then I would place them across the braches then I would climb down again.


Once all the planks were up I took the nails and hammer up and started to nail them to the branches. All the planks were side by side. Once all the nails were in the space was about 2m long and 3m wide. I then lacquered the planks so they would last longer.


I take my phone off the table and check the time; 7:37pm.


“Shit, im gonna be late!” I say and quickly put the nails, hammer, brush and pot under the table and run out of the tree.


I run inside the house quickly wiping my feet this time and sprint up the stairs. I get to my room, I shut and lock my door.


I run to my bed while whipping my top over my head. I put my new clothes and shoes on. I then jog over to my bathroom and get out my makeup bag, I don’t wear very much, just a little. I put on just my eyeliner with wings, pink lip gloss and mascara. I brush my hair and put it in a side pony, I grab my flat-beaked cap and put my pony though the hole and slide it on sideways.


I then run downstairs and into the lounge where Miss Mary is.


“Bye Miss Mary, I’m going now, I have my phone, keys and your number on speed dial. I won’t talk to anyone I don’t know and I’ll go straight there and straight back.” I say, I have memorised it over the years of saying it.


“Okay, but remember I want you home before 10:30 tonight, understand?”


“Yes Miss Mary.” I say. And head towards the door. I grab my keys and head out the door. “Bye!!” I yell and shut the door before she could reply.


I grab my BMX bike and skateboard, I run down the path towards the gate. I then leave turning right towards the park riding my bike and my board under my arm.

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