Black and Blue

Grace is a kid that doesn't like rules. No matter how miner they are she will hate them unless she made them. That is just who she is. Grace thinks differently to everyone else. She has weird traits and strange habits, but her best mates love her for who she is.


2. Tables, Mud and Competitions.

“Fucking hell” I spit. I rub my knee that hit the table that I walked into.

“Grace, can you please watch your language!!” Miss Mary says.

“Yes” I huff and walk up the massive stone stairs.

My name is Grace. I don’t have a last name because I don’t have parents, they died in a plane crash 3 years ago. I now live with my maid in my house. My maid is Miss Mary, and she adopted me when my mum and dad died. She is nice and all but kind of strict. She goes away often though which means I get to stay home by myself, at home and do whatever I want while she is away. It’s great. Miss Mary is leaving again tomorrow. She goes away for a week every month for a meeting. She will be getting a new job soon, which means she will be away less. Yay!!!

As I walk down the long hall way towards my room I scuff my feet, dragging them along the stone tiles. I look behind me and notice I have left a trail of muddy foot prints all through the house. Miss Mary is going to yell at me, I hate it when she yells, it sound like a crow crossed with a headless chicken, angry rhino and a monkey with the hiccups. It’s annoying as fuck. I hate it.

I finally get to my room. It VERY big, it’s like a dream for most teenage girls. King double bed in the middle, balcony of towards the fields, a walk in wardrobe and my own bathroom. Miss Mary and I live in a house in the out skirts of England in a little town we call ‘A patch of green’. We call it that because it’s practically a few houses (like 20 max.) a grocery store, small school, and a bank all in a flat green patch of land. There is farms all round use, and the closest town is 3 hours away.

I walk past my bed and into my wardrobe. I have been looking for this new shoes I bought last week and I can’t find them. Miss Mary put them in my wardrobe somewhere and she can’t remember where. I grab the small step ladder that is folded in the corner, and open it up. I place it next to the mirror door and stand on it. Above the mirror door is where I keep my shoes. I stand up on my tip toes, I still can’t see the back.


 I really hate being short. I then reach my arm to the back, and feel around for a shoe box. I feel a smooth edge and I know it’s the box. “Found it.” I say and grab the box with one hand while the other holds me steady. I finally get the box visible when;


“MISS GRACE WHY IS THERE MUD ALL OVER THE FLOOR?” I hear the ‘crow crossed with a headless chicken, angry rhino and a monkey with the hiccups’ yell coming from behind me.


“FUCKING HELL!!” I yell as I drop the box on the floor and fall of the step ladder and onto my bum. “Fricken hell, what was that all about?”


“Miss Grace, you have left mud all over the floor. Why didn’t you wipe your feet?”


“I forgot” I say rubbing my bum, while standing up.


“Well next time, wipe your feet. And also, stop using those words please.”


“Yes Miss Mary.”


She sighs at me, shakes her head and leaves my room.


I bend down and pick up my shoe box which was saved by a pile of cloths I haven’t put away yet. I open the box eagerly, I have been wanting these shoes from the shop for weeks, but Miss Mary said I couldn’t get them yet, she finally let me get them last Saturday. I look in the box and smiled. I bought a new pair of high tops. They are blue with a black glittery tongue and laces. I love them so much. Blue and Black are my favourite colours.


I go out of my wardrobe and into my room, and put my shoes on my bed. I then walk back into my wardrobe and grab my black crop-top, navy denim shorts with frayed ends, and my underwear. I am going out with my friends to night to the skate park. We are having a competition with the other kids there. It’s going to be so much fun. Me and my friends are pretty good so I hope we win.


I look at the digital clock next to my bed; 5;41. I have about 2 hours and 20 mins till in the comp starts, ill get dressed later.

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