Just Saying | l.h

why can't you see, for me, it's always been you.


1. one

"Mackenzie!" I hear mommy call me from downstairs.

I drop my doll and head to the railing my the stairs. "Yes mommy?" I call wondering why she was calling me.

"Come downstairs sweetie, we have guest." I head down the stairs and walking towards the living room.

There I saw my mom with another woman talking. When my mom saw me she smiled. "There's someone I want you to meet."

The other woman moves sideways and a boy with the bluest eyes I've ever seen is standing behind her.

"Hi." I say smiling at him. "My names Mackenzie!" I say and stick my hand out for him to shake.

"I'm Luke." He shyly says and shakes my hand.

I smile at him widely. "Let's be best friends okay?"

"Okay." He says and smiles.

"Ohhh! Your missing your front tooth! Did the tooth fairy come for it?!" I jump up and down excitedly. I haven't lost my front teeth yet but I bet you'll get lots of money for it!

"Yeah," he says, starting to talk more now. "She came and gave me 5 dollars!" He holds his fingers up.

"Really?!" I cap my hands. "I can't wait to lose my front teeth!"

And that how it all began.

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