"your voice is like a angel"

"I'm no angel with no wings"

"why not"

"cause someone has to help me build my wings up again" as I tell him then everything went quiet.

But the only thing she was good at was to fake a smile for everyone.


32. Hey! You're Sorry, I'm Sorry, Everyone's Sorry!

How's it going everyone yeah, let's get to the point shall we, alright. I'm not writing on here anymore and you could see it's going to be a year since I have written on this website. I have moved too Wattpad now and that's the only place I'll be writing my books there. Cause of Him has been finish and also there's a second book but it's in the making of process right because I need too start setting it up and planning all the things ahead before I mess things up. My wattpad username is Stylomez. I write Selena and Harry Fan Fictions. I don't write anything else but about them because they are well of course Bae. Also I have been going through so stuff lately and just a lot was happening too me and I didn't have enough time to for this website when I have Wattpad first and the whole I was also on it and barely on here. So if you want or willingly too following me on Wattpad x Read my books. That would be grateful and make my day! 



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